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  • TypeSETit »MonteCarlo« ❖ The Unforgettable Herb Lubalin (for widescreen displays)

    Check out these herbs images:

    TypeSETit »MonteCarlo« ❖ The Unforgettable Herb Lubalin (for widescreen displays)

    Image by arnoKath
    Wallpaper 1920×1200.

    A homage to the unforgettable Herb(ert) F. Lubalin.

    Typeface in use:

    Rob Leuschke’s (TypeSETit) splendiferous, fancyful script face »MonteCarlo«.

    MonteCarlo is a beautiful formal script— both contemporary and traditional. This connecting script’s italic is slight, making it an extremely legible design. Its additional flourishing options offer truly diverse possibilities for customization of display. MonteCarlo is perfect for those situations that require an ornate look, and a readable message, without compromising beautiful design.

    Bacon, Brie and Cranberry at Belle and Herb’s

    Image by mollyeh11
    More from the wonderful Belle and Herb’s Cafe in Newcastle. Great food!

  • Blaine Sprouse – Roland White – Herb Pederson – Bill Bryson – Diane Bushka

    Blaine Sprouse – Roland White – Herb Pederson – Bill Bryson – Diane Bushka
    Event on 2011-11-18 19:15:00
    I will be performing with my old friend, Roland White, together with Herb Pederson, Bill Bryson and Diane Bushka

    at Santa Ynez Valley Grange Hall
    2374 Alamo Pintado Ave
    Los Olivos, United States

  • The Village Herb Shop Uses xSellit eCommerce Storefronts for Their Online Business

    Beachwood, OH (PRWEB) January 2, 2009

    The Intersoft Group, Inc. has announced the release of another premier ecommerce store – The Village Herb Shop ( founded by Kathleen Gips. The wide range of all natural products includes teas, aromatherapy, essential oils, gourmet foods, and an herb of the month. The Intersoft Group, Inc. used the professional version of xSellit eCommerce Storefronts ( to create an interactive site that allows the shopper to view the products and Gibbs vast knowledge of herbal remedies.

    The Intersoft Group designed a site that is much more than an herb store. The shopper immediately realizes they have come to a site where the renowned proprietor is engaging and inviting interaction. Kathleen Gips has over 25 years of expertise that she kindly shares with visitors and shoppers at her site. The Village Herb Shop is a store where a first time herb buyer will feel comfortable, and yet an accomplished herbalist will find the site interesting and engaging.

    “The Intersoft Company was willing to listen to my needs” says Kathleen Gips. “I knew I needed more than just a storefront. I needed a site that gave me a wide range of functionality and remained completely interactive. The Intersoft Company listened and comprehended my needs immediately AND they did all the work for me, so I could keep my focus where it needed to be – on running my business. My husband Jack takes care of the practical day to day running of the site and he has found the technical support the Intersoft Group offered to be absolutely excellent.”

    “Our xSellit line of eCommerce storefronts is the solution to many retail business owners’ online dilemmas” says Jessica Sudo, Operations Manager of The Intersoft Group. “Our design team has spent 17 years learning to listen to the needs of the owner. We have mastered the art of creating sites that allow the proprietors essence to shine through on their online store as much as it would in their brick and mortar store.”

    The Intersoft Group, Inc. ( founded in 1992 designs, develops and maintains websites & eCommerce Storefronts for national and international companies and organizations. The Intersoft Group specializes in developing user-friendly, easy to navigate websites & eCommerce Storefronts with powerful backend capabilities.


    More Herbs Press Releases

  • What is the scientific name for the herb “spanish needle”?

    Question by Diwa: What is the scientific name for the herb “spanish needle”?
    This herb is native to Jamaica West Indies. Origin I am not sure – may be spanish or latin.

    Best answer:

    Answer by annie201207
    I believe, its Bidens pilosa (family: Asteraceae). It has insecticidal properties.

    Add your own answer in the comments!

  • Q&A: What is the herb “coriander” used for?

    Question by Scott: What is the herb “coriander” used for?
    keep in mind, this is fresh coriander, like the plant.
    What and how do we use it for?

    Best answer:

    Answer by hbd94
    All parts of the plant are edible, but the fresh leaves and the dried seeds are commonly used in cooking.

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  • If I take the herb “Eyebright” in a tea or capsule will my eyes eventually look brighter?

    Question by Bob Bobson: If I take the herb “Eyebright” in a tea or capsule will my eyes eventually look brighter?
    Besides detoxing, etc, does eyebright have any special features to it that make the eyes brighter? or better somehow?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Mopar Muscle Gal
    Eye Bright is one of the primary herbs
    used for eye care. It has been depended upon for at least 2000 years in the treatment of various eye problems. It is especially useful for eyestrain, over-sensitivity to light, eye inflammations, weeping eyes and other eye ailments. Some common eyes disorder in which eyebright use are:-

    * Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids and eyelash follicles)
    * Conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eye’s mucous membrane lining)
    * Eye fatigue
    * Stye (infection of an eyelid gland)

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