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  • Q&A: What is the herb “maca” & what can it do for humans? Know any other details?

    Question by grizzeybear1: What is the herb “maca” & what can it do for humans? Know any other details?

    No. Not weed.
    It’s a natural herbal medicine- not used to get high on. I need more details, though. :o)
    I’ve also heard that it balances a woman’s hormones after & during the time of going through the change of life with the post & pms symptoms, etc.
    Anyone know any other details?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Kiirstiiee.xD B
    isnt It Another Form Of Weed ?

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  • 5 Tips for a Culinary Herb Garden Treasure

    Article by Ralph J Miller

    A culinary herb garden is a delight for anyone who enjoys preparing rich, deliciOUS Italian foods. Turning a culinary herb garden into a robust Italian Herb Garden is simple when you know tips about what to plant. Herb Plants that spice up Italian cooking can easily be planted in an indoor herb garden or outdoors.

    An Italian herb garden starts with healthy Herb Plants. Those plants include basil, oregano, parsley, fennel, and rosemary among others. Choosing plants that punctuate the flavors of Italian dishes is important. The other great reason for creating a culinary herb garden is that Italian herb gardens are filled with aromatic herbs that become dynamic additions to the landscape and surrounding environment. They are colorful and add a fragrance to the air that beckons visitors closer.

    Some of the most essential Herb Plants and their uses for a culinary herb garden are listed below.

    1. Basil is one of the most popular Italian herb garden additions. It is known for its flavor when added to almost any Italian dish and it is easy to grow. Fresh crushed basil is both aromatic and bursting with flavor to tingle the taste buds.

    2. Garlic is also another very popular herb that must be included in any Culinary Herb Garden. This herb is both delicious and has medicinal purposes as well. Garlic Herb Plants have been recognized as helpful in reducing cholesterol and making people healthier. It grows easily and garlic cloves can be easily stored for later use when kept dry and cool. No Italian dish is complete without freshly chopped or minced garlic.

    3. Oregano is a must for the herb garden. Not only is it aromatic and tasty, it produces tiny purple flowers, making it an attractive addition to the herb garden. Oregano will burst with flavor once it flowers so be sure to wait for the trademark purple flowers before harvesting.

    4. Rosemary is an Italian herb plant that adds lots of flavor to foods. But just as importantly, this delightful herb also produces colorful blue flowers and attracts bees to the outdoor garden. Bees are beneficial for the herb plants.

    5. Sage is sometimes overlooked as an important part of a culinary herb garden. But it turns ordinary Italian dishes into extraordinary ones! It can be used in meats, salads, and pastas. An important tip about sage is to keep it trimmed so that it does not have a thick, woody stalk which is not as flavorful. As you trim the sage, it will encourage production of new growth for even more herb plants. Experiment with sage in a variety of ways for more punch in foods.

    A culinary herb garden especially designed for Italian cooking should include these herbs, but there are many more herb plants to consider. Think about how you cook and what herbs are most important to you. But also explore new herb plants to add new flavors and additions to Italian dishes.

    Use the treasures from your culinary herb garden to create magnificent, delicious foods and add warm, crusty bread dipped in olive oil, parmesan cheese, and oregano for a special meal. A herb garden is an evolving project so don’t be content with just a few Herb Plants. Continually experiment and add new plants to the mix.

    You’ll enjoy delicious Italian foods any time of year thanks to your culinary herb garden. When you know the essential tips and secrets about herb gardening, you’ll be on your way to success.

    Ralph J Miller is the author of this article and the creator of the Ebook “My Sectets to a Successful Herb Garden”. For more information on growing your own culinary herb garden and using Herb Plants for cooking, visit and while your there you can register to recieve your Free Herb Gardening Secrets Mini-Course.

  • Do tea herbs “go to seed” like veggies? Fresh herb recipes too!?

    Question by Cloudy: Do tea herbs “go to seed” like veggies? Fresh herb recipes too!?
    So this is the first year I’ve had a garden. I’ve ruined a lot, but also learned a lot 🙂 Next year will be better. But, I learned that once a veggie flowers, or goes to seed, it’s done. I have 3 herbs, lemon balm, chocolate mint and chamomile. I have harvested a bit, but was wanting a lot more! The mint has started to bloom flowers and i was wondering if that means that it’s done for the season. I know with the chamomile the flowers are what you harvest but with the mint it’s the leaves.. Any advice would be great!


    Ooh and if anyone has any cool ideas or recipes for what I can do with these herbs please share!

    Best answer:

    Answer by heart o’ gold
    Lemon Balm and Chocolate Mint are both perennials (they grow year after year in cycles from the same plant) Chamomile (at least for me) is an annual that will die each year and need to be replanted. Lemon Balm will spread slowly so planting in ground is ok. It will reseed where it’s happy and you may end up with clumps of it. Chocolate Mint is extremely invasive, and unless you really want it to grow to the point where it becomes a weed and you have to cut it out to get rid of it, I’d plant it in pots.

    I only use the three of those for tea, so sorry, no recipes.

    However, I can recommend other herbs you can use in your cooking: Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme – there are many varieties, I espeically like Lemon Thyme, Tarragon, Rosemary and Basil. Also Chives and Garlic Chives. Basil, Chives and Garlic Chives you will probably treat as annuals and replant regularly, the rest are perennials.

    I have herbs planted both in pots and in ground, the nice thing about pots is you can move them around to change your display or to respond to changing light/moisture/temperature requirements. I make my own mosaiced pots, so the herbs in pots makes a beautiful display that I can change with the seasons.

    My gardening started 30 years ago with cuttings from a friends herb garden, herbs are so easy it’s a great way to start. My interest in cooking started at the same time so I could use the herbs I was growning. I’m now a great gardener as well as a great cook, it’s a very fun and rewarding pair of hobbies.

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  • The herb, “artemisia asiatica” is supposed to be good at curing gastric reflux. Where can I buy it?

    Question by heather of the fields: The herb, “artemisia asiatica” is supposed to be good at curing gastric reflux. Where can I buy it?
    And, if you know anything about this herb, can you tell me if all “wormwood” is the same stuff? For instance, artemisinin is also called “wormwood” but it seems to be a different plant than artemisia asiatica – am I wrong? And what about artemisia annua – that’s wormwood too, right? What is that? Help me find the right stuff here…

    Best answer:

    Answer by natpractitioner
    There are a few different species of artemesia. Mugwort, la’ana, moksa and wormwood are some of the names of various types of artemesia. Artemesia absinthum is the species that I prescribe for gastric reflux. It has antibiotic, cholologue, and carminitive properties and is a liver and womb antiseptic.

    You can buy the various types of artemesia in health food stores or pharmacies that sell herbal medicines/tinctures.

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  • Ginger Herb

    Ginger, as it is commonly called, is the root of the herb, and is notable due to its sharp taste and pungent properties. There are some people that dislike the taste of ginger as it is rather strong and overpowering, but there are many people that opt to cook a lot of the meals with the use of ginger to add variety to their dishes. There is also a use for this herb that is a kept as secret to many people by its user.

    The root of the ginger herb plant is peeled before being chopped or grated and added to dishes. It is not necessary to use a lot of this herb, as with all herbs, a little goes a long way. A few thin slices will do for most food preparations. Ginger is added to food not only for its distinct flavor enhancement but also to reduce any unwanted odor that the ginger can counteract with its potent qualities. The remarkable ginger is frequently added to any sea food and chicken dish, be it sautéed, steamed, boiled or grilled.

    It can also be consumed on its own and is usually used in pickling and making curries.

    The herb ginger is essential in Asian culture and is used not only in cooking and making beverages; it is used to treat many ailments. The wonderful healing properties of the herb ginger are immense. Using ginger herb as a form of alternative medicine is safe and it will save you not only a lot of money; it will significantly relieve common ailments, aside from its secret use. The kind of ginger that is preferred for medical purposes is the one that has yellow flesh. Ginger has been widely used as a medicine in Asia since time immemorial. These are the ailments that ginger is used for and how they are applied.

    For mild to severe joint pain, osteoporosis pains, lumps and pains from arthritis, swelling and pain from gout, swelling and inflammation that has unbroken skin, make a hot ginger compress and apply on the affected area. The ginger may be reused at least 3 times. Make a new compress and discard the old ginger. This can be used as frequently as desired, though care has to be taken to ensure the compress application is not too hot and can burn or scald the outer skin.
    For coughs, colds, sore throats and stomach disorders, make a strong decoction and drink at least 3 times a day and as frequently as desired. Ginger is not acidic and will not give you gastric pain. Sugar and lemon may be added to make the drink more pleasant to taste. Do not give this to babies and to children under the age of 6, as it is better to bring them to the doctor than to use home remedies. Drink this while hot, but not too hot as it may scald you tongue, taking small, frequent sips.
    For proper blood circulation especially if your hands feel cold often and you begin to feel difficulty in closing and opening them when the weather is cold, make a weak ginger decoction and drink as needed. You may add a little fresh ginger while boiling tea to make it nicer to sip. Serve in the same manner as the strong decoction.

    Now it is time to let you know the secret use of ginger. It is used by singers to make their voice more beautiful and keep their vocal chords clear. Singers drink at least two cups of a strong decoction every day and drink a cup before a performance. Try to make a ginger drink today and feel all the wonderful benefits that it can give you.

    Ginny Greene is an herb garden enthusiast. Visit Herb Garden Center for more expert advice on other herbs, and planting, harvesting and using them in cooking, crafts and home remedies.

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  • Secret Herb Blend cures illnesses and promotes healthy living

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