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  • How to cook chinese herbs

    This video explains how to cook Chinese Herb

    Loss Weight safe & Easy-Chinese Herbs Dr. Tsoi 203-249-0115

    Traditional chinese herbal medicine have been used for over 5000 years to support the body’s natural well being. This approach has been proven safe and effective by millions of people who use it. An extraordinary chinese herbal remedy is used to treat a widening range of ailments, including: the common cold,cancer, arthritis, insomnia, frequent urination, impotence, back pain, weakness, dizziness and headaches, among many others,and is very effective in relieving the cramps associated with menstruation. It is also believed to strengthen the immune system. *These statement have not been evaluated by the FDA. the product is not intended to diagnose,teat,cure or prevent any disease in us.

  • Chinese Herbs – Alternative Medicine

    for more info, visit this site: JANE DEMIAN, L.Ac., MA, RN (Acupuncturist/Herbalist) An herbalist uses formulas comprised of substances such as plants, seeds, fruit, roots, shells, and stones which have energetic properties that resonate with different organs of the body. These ingredients are prescribed to the patient either in pill or powder form after reviewing the patients history, physical examination including checking and reading of the patients pulse, their tongue, abdominal assessment, palpation of meridians, skin color, eye color and assessment of their emotional status. Once the diagnosis is complete, a formula is created which is designed to treat specific organs as well as harmonize and balance the Qi (life energy) of the body. Jade Pearl Chinese Medical Arts

  • Anjali’s Herbals- Body Cleanse Tea and Healing Herbs

    I filmed this video with my friend Lisa, a chemist and hebalist from Anjali’s Herbals ( This video shows you one of the teas available at Anjali’s Hebals and its benefits. Also there is information on the great health benefits of some common and easy to grow herbs! For more videos that are not available on YouTube visit! Also, you can find and “Like” our Dehydrate2Store group on Facebook to get the most up to date information on what we are doing at Dehydrate2Store!

    The title explains it all. I’m very sorry for any spelling mistakes. The song is Satellites by September Copyright; All the images belong to their rightful owners. I am not associated with the music recording company in any shape of form. This video is NOT made for profit. It is just fan made. Warriors belong to Erin Hunter.
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  • Dr Rima Laibow Codex Alimentarius Nutricide Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs YouTube

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  • Motherwort herb: Leonurus cardiaca, Calming Herbs The Motherwort herb, leonurus cardiaca, is one of the calming herbs. This video shows how to make herbal tincture. Learn about tincture making, such as making motherwort tincture and more about motherwort uses. The Motherwort herb is also one of the herbs for stress.

    Medicinal Herbs
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  • Herbs for Sleep Part 3.m4v

    Sharing with you some of my ideas about sleep and bringing you along with as I strain my Valerian Root Tincture!
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