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  • Does anyone know anything about brainwave patterns during meditation ?

    Question by spidstick: Does anyone know anything about brainwave patterns during meditation ?
    I would like to know how “super meditation” CD’s supposidly work,i.e. how many hz’s our brains are resonating at during certain mental states etc. ?

    Thanks for any responses !

    Best answer:

    Answer by friendlysummer
    Meditators have been studied using EEG equipment. The simple act of closing the eyes and clearing the mind produces an immediate decrease in brainwave activity. In the initial stages, brainwave activity remains around 13 to 14 Hz. With practice, deeper meditative states can be achieved. Experienced Meditators can achieve brainwave patterns closer to 8 Hz. Those that have practiced meditation for many years can achieve even deeper brainwave states. Meditation is a discipline that must be understood in order to be effective. There is much controversy in the West over the desired ‘result’ of meditation. From a technical perspective, no specific result of meditation is desired. In the meditative state, all experience is recognized, acknowledged and the attention is once again returned to the initially chosen focus of attention. Once an experience — any experience other than the initially chosen focus of attention becomes the focus and the experience, the individual is no longer in a state of meditation. A state of transpersonal awareness may take place at that time.

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  • Q&A: What is the herb “maca” & what can it do for humans? Know any other details?

    Question by grizzeybear1: What is the herb “maca” & what can it do for humans? Know any other details?

    No. Not weed.
    It’s a natural herbal medicine- not used to get high on. I need more details, though. :o)
    I’ve also heard that it balances a woman’s hormones after & during the time of going through the change of life with the post & pms symptoms, etc.
    Anyone know any other details?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Kiirstiiee.xD B
    isnt It Another Form Of Weed ?

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  • Angels Tickets Are A Fast Sellouts – Know Why

    Article by Al Terry

    Have you got your Angels tickets as yet? If you haven’t, you are going to miss out on great baseball game action. Based in Anaheim, California, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are a professional baseball team. They are a member of the Western Division of Major League Baseball’s American League. Their unusual name has originated from their home city, Los Angeles. Also nicknamed “the Halos”, the Angels have been using the Angel Stadium of Anaheim as their ballpark since 1966. Currently, the Angels are the reigning American League West Champions.

    What’s In A Name

    The Angels club was founded in Los Angeles in 1961. It underwent several name changes from ‘California Angels’ to ‘Anaheim Angels’ to their current name, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in 2005. None of this discouraged their fans, who bought Angels tickets to watch the team play. The Angels relocated to LA after the Browns were turned down during the Word War II period.

    Angels And Los Angeles

    1961 was the first year of the Angels as a major league expansion team in LA.
    They played their home games at the Dodger Stadium from where they moved to the Anaheim Stadium [nicknamed The Big A] in 1966. Notable players in that period were Clyde Wright, Ken McBride, Jim Fregosi, Albie Pearson, Leon Wagner, and Buck Rodgers.

    Down The Memory Lane, Ryan Express

    The 1970s were mediocre years except for Ryan’s feats that gave him the nickname of Ryan Express. Later, Ryan chose to become a free agent. The Angels did not win any championship till 1979, when they won their first American League West Division championship. For the game, Don Baylor was awarded the American League Most Valuable Player award. Other contributors to the team were Bert Campaneris, Bobby Grich Rod Carew and Dan Ford. These players drew baseball lovers who bought Angels tickets to watch their favorite players play.

    In the 1982 postseason, the Angels clinched their second AL West championship and narrowly missed the 1986 World Series primarily due an error known as the infamous Bill Buckner error. The Angels did not qualify for the playoffs for the next 16 years. For most of the 1990s, the Angels suffered a downslide and suffered the worst collapse in franchise history in 1995. Tragedies such as Bostock’s murder and Moore’s suicide further added to the woes of the Angels.

    Fans Who Had Bought Angels Tickets Faced Much Disappointment.

    Team uniforms underwent changes in 1997 and logos designed by the Disney Studios were added to the jerseys, a style much ridiculed by Angels’ fans. The team reverted to its earlier uniform in 2002. A year before that, the Rally Monkey also became Angel’s unofficial mascot.

    Angels In the 21st Century

    After many ups and downs, Angels’ World Series victory in 2002 gave the team some new confidence. In 2003, Disney sold the Angels to Arturo “Arte” Moreno. About this time, the Angels were caught up in legal hassles for marketing themselves to Los Angeles. They were sued by a jury trial but they won the legal battle.

    Vladimir Guerrero led the Angels to a fourth American League West championship in 2004. For his efforts, he was awarded American League Most Valuable Player Award. The Angels went on to fight the New York Yankees and White Sox on the baseball field in 2005. The 2007 season went well too as the team clinched theirs sixth division title and seventh overall playoff berth in its history.

    Although the Angels have been lately stumped by injuries to its players, fans are still cheering them on by buying Angels tickets. Contact an online broker and get your Angels tickets today.

    For more great sports information and Angels Tickets resources visit the author’s website which is loaded with team and venue history, as well as more Angels tickets articles.

  • Does anybody know “What is Meditation” ?

    Question by A.R S: Does anybody know “What is Meditation” ?
    I know the meaning of word but I want some experts answer with good examples.Does it need attending classes?

    Best answer:

    Answer by $ %^%$ ^%&*^*^&*^pooja
    meditation = peace of mind. no fancy explanations

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  • Do you know the Spiritism, invented by Allan Kardec?

    Question by Stoik: Do you know the Spiritism, invented by Allan Kardec?
    For those who are not familiar, his “doctrines” are wildly popular in Brazil, for some reason I am not aware of.

    His ideology is a mixture of XIX century pseudoscience and some christianity.

    Is there any “Spiritualist” or “Kardecist” here or in the US?

    Best answer:

    Answer by God answers all questions
    I am the light of the world says the lord;
    the man who follows me will have the light of life

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  • How do you know if you’re a “true Pagan”?

    Question by LoneWolf: How do you know if you’re a “true Pagan”?
    Just wanted people’s opinions on the matter – specifically the opinion of people who define themselves as Pagan.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Shae
    Is the number 666 on your body somewhere….Just kidding, I don`t know.

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