Cayenne Pepper is a chili but why is it the most recommended chili in herbal medicine over other varities?

The Aji, Tabasco and Piquin Chilis have the save heat rating of 30,000-50,000 of scoville units as Cayenne but why is Cayenne the most recommended? What does it have that other chilli’s don’t have? they all have capsaicinoids and Vitamin C don’t they?
but why do farmers grow cayenne more than other chilis?

Why do most Doctors trash Herbal Medicine?

Why do most Doctors trash herbal medications? I take several and they work great for me! They say that they are not FDA approved. Just take a few minutes on Google and you will find LOTS of so called FDA approved drugs that killed people or were pulled off the shelf because they were dangerous! Personally I think they trash them because they don’t get kick backs and favors from the herbal medication manufactures. What do you think? What are your experience with herbal medications?

All About Chinese Herbal Medicine : Tree Bark & Chinese Herbal Medicine

How to understand the uses for tree bark in Chinese herbal medicine; get expert tips and advice on employing Chinese alternative healing treatments in this free personal heath video. Expert: Billy Tuong Bio: Billy Tuong has been playing Chinese Chess since a young child and is an accomplished player. His address: 217 Center St. Buzzer#2. Tele: (917) 523-6410. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

My Gainesville Acupuncture: Making Chinese Herbal Medicine at Home Amy Galvan is an acupuncturist in Gainesville, Florida, using acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat patients in Gainesville, Alachua County, and north central Florida. This video instructs patients on how to make their individually customized, prescribed herbal medicines at home, using a double decoction and predecoction cooking method from raw bulk herbal medicine material for the most potent form of Chinese medicine available. http or