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  • Alternative Medicine & Home Remedies : Foot Odor Home Remedies

    Home remedies for foot odor can include changing shoes on a daily basis, wearing natural-fibered socks, soaking the feet regularly in a solution of apple cider vinegar, Epsom salts or lemon juice, and scrubbing the feet with a food brush or loofah. Control food odor using natural ingredients and practices with health information from a practicing herbalist in this free video on natural remedies.

    Jonathan Miller offers a fact-rich fascinating insight into the nature of health care and the world of alternative medicine and its relationship with the man who is trying to stay healthy. In a short span of time, he talks summarizes about the limitations and usefulness of modern medicine and emphasizes the need for bringing the patient into confidence by being honest. Keep in mind that he is talking in 1981, yet he is remarkably up to date. His personal take on it is also interesting. I would highly recommend his documentary ‘The Body in Question’.
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  • Does the acai berry fall under the category “alternative medicine?”?

    Question by ♥Sansa♥: Does the acai berry fall under the category “alternative medicine?”?

    Best answer:

    Answer by YA Junkie
    My experience is that the acai berry falls under the category of an alternative medicine scam.

    Acai seems to have lots of antioxidants and phytonutrients. However, unless you live in South America, you never get the real berries. You just get powders and purees manufactured from the berry. How nutritious are these products made from acai? I don’t think anyone knows for certain.

    Now on to more important issues: Due to my own misfortune, I want to warn you about the many acai scams online—especially the “free trials.” One scam is Acai Berry Supreme. They promised me a free bottle and I would only have to pay shipping. I noticed an additional $ 29.95 added to my credit card from that company and had to complain to the company to get a refund. Then they started shipping me more bottles and trying to charge me for them.

    Another scam is Acai Berry Power 500, which also offered a free trial bottle. They then started mailing me additional bottles of acai without my permission. Again, I had to complain to the company to get credit card charges removed.

    Also beware of people trying to sell you acai products on YA. Be cautious about people warning you of scams and then directing you to their website to buy their acai products.

    If you are still interested in acai, your best bet is to go to almost any health food or vitamin store and buy acai directly. I have no financial ties to Sambazon, but they are one of the most well-known and reputable companies selling acai. Best of luck.

    EDIT: I think that alternative medicine potentially has much to offer people in terms of improving their physical and mental health. However, the acai berry does not fall into this category.

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  • Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine

    Learn why chinese herbal medicine is so effective, a little about our website and how to find the best herbal product for you.
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  • Raw Foods: An Alternative Medicine

    by dbz885

    Image Source

    Raw food is becoming popular nowadays especially amongst the health  Connoisseurs who are in their never ending quest for healthy lifestyle and clean living. A friend of mine, who is a vegetarian and a breast cancer survivor told me the benefits of eating raw foods. Raw foods in my own definition are uncooked fruits, vegetables and nuts. This friend of mine, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer five years ago, went into this special diet consisting of raw foods. And luckily, she is still alive until now. When her doctor told her that she only have less than a year to live, she fought back by taking alternative medicines and jumping into the raw foods diet. Her doctor told her that there is a risk involved in alternative medicine but she replied “I’d rather take that risk than die without trying” and her doctor agreed.

    Basically, her alternative medicine is simply eating raw foods. According to her, when food is cooked over 112 degrees centigrade, it loses all of its enzymes. Enzymes are important for every body function. As we grow old, our body’s natural source of enzymes gets depleted and there is a need to replenish this source through the foods that we eat. Definitely, cooked food is not one of them.

    Her daily diet includes:

    Three cups of spinach
    Two-three cups of fresh lemon juice
    One-half cup of almond
    One-half cup of  banana
    One-half cup of carrot
    One-half cup of coconut juice

    She also includes strawberries, cucumber, celery, turnips, and sugar beets in her diet. She also makes sure that she drinks at least two tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil.

    I am personally not a believer of alternative medicine; however, looking at my friend, I guess alternative medicine is true after all.

    Written by Angelo Villamejor

  • Why is marijuana considered “alternative medicine”?

    Question by Willychilly: Why is marijuana considered “alternative medicine”?
    Why are there all these people on here talking about illegal drugs as if they were medicine? WTF??

    Best answer:

    Answer by John Baker
    Marijuana can help people with eating disorders. For example someone with anorexia can benifit from weed because it returns appetite to the patient.

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  • Spiritually speaking, what’s your opinion of “alternative medicine”?

    Question by Boɳɛs: Spiritually speaking, what’s your opinion of “alternative medicine”?
    Also what is your religion or lack there of?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Desiree
    It’s superstitious mumbo jumbo disguised as medicine.

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