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  • New Website Illuminates the Heart Through Breathing and Meditation Practices

    Nashville, TN (PRWEB) May 18, 2011

    A new meditation website is as much about the heart as it is about meditation. The new Healthy Heart Meditation website ( is all about how to meditate. The technique is the ancient practice of heart rhythm meditation. The subject matter is the heart and all that it contains.


    The culture of the heart is emerging. A shift is happening from a culture of mind to a culture of heart. This is a wonderful change. The mind has created many of the problems and stresses which are so evident today. It is the heart that will transform the present situation into a future aligned with deep purpose, harmony and beauty.


    Healthy Heart Meditation is a website that promotes heart-centered mindfulness, heart-based living tools, heart meditation practices, e-Courses and biofeedback technology for engaging and relaxing the heart.


    You see, the heart is the center of the emotional-energetic body system. The heart is the key to physical health, mental health and spiritual health. The heart has its own intelligence system that it generates an electromagnetic field in the body. This field is much larger than the brain’s field and extends outside the body.


    The heart is the central rhythmic force that affects other rhythms throughout the body. The brain responds to the heart’s signals. A person’s heart rhythms are a reflection of their inner emotional state and these rhythms affect thought, feeling and action.


    The field of heart rate variability feedback is a rapidly growing technology that may be as important than pulse, blood pressure or temperature in the body. Studies show that a low hrv is one of the leading indicators of early cardiac mortality.


    Breathing and meditation practices are featured on the Healthy Heart Meditation website. These are not difficult to learn. One can start with simple heart breathing practices and work up to actual heart rhythm meditation practice, which is a powerful meditation which focuses on the heart.


    Active feedback devices are featured and discussed which offer technology solutions to help engage the heart and mind in fun and healthful ways.


    The heart is physical, emotional and spiritual. It is an old friend. Give it attention and breath and start living a heart-centered life today!


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  • Q&A: Does the meaning of the word “meditation” vary in different beliefs os is it the same thing?

    Question by Eu Sou 미령: Does the meaning of the word “meditation” vary in different beliefs os is it the same thing?
    I know for Christians, meditate means, to ponder, to think of something deeply, and it could also mean prayer.
    “Alwin” “annyeong haseyo!”… now answer my question.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Jack Mania
    Meditation: To focus inward.
    Sums it up I think.

    What do you think? Answer below!

  • The History Of Zen Meditation

    by araki

    Article by Bruce Channers

    The history of Zen meditation has its origins in Mahayana Buddhism and Taoism. Some believe that it originated from yogic methods. Buddhism entered China centuries ago via a monk called Bodhidharma who visited China to teach Buddhism and blended with Taoism and its principles and practices were adopted. These practices include vegetarianism, avoiding alcohol, emptiness, etc. Gradually ‘Chan’ or Zen Buddhism became a major part of Chinese Buddhism and also created a huge body of scriptures, in spite of the fact that the transmission of these principles does not involve words. Zen meditation has also spread to the Americas and Europe and is widely practiced.

    There is hardly anyone who has not heard about the history of Zen meditation today, with the concept of Zen so popularly being discussed wherever there is any talk about meditation. Zen or sitting meditation, as it is called, involves sitting in a series of positions and relaxing the body and mind to bare oneself to oneness with nature. As the specific positions are followed, distracting thoughts exit as the heart rate lowers, gentle breathing follows and the individual transcends to the meditative state of reflection. The energy that results from this leads to a connection between the soul, mind and body.

    Throughout the history of Zen meditation, the practice is to have your mind in the current moment – there is no contemplation on the past or future. Zen meditation focuses the mind on the thought of the moment, which basically means that you mentally travel to nothingness. Instead you aim for a blank mind that is clear, clean, and calm.

    The Sequence Of Steps Involved In A Typical Zen Meditation Practice:

    * Become conscious of your inhaled breath and exhaled breath.

    * As the breathing gets deeper and slower, focus on them and feel the sense of peace.

    * During the inhaled breath focus on the physical body. During the exhaled breath get each part of your body to relax starting with the shoulders and gradually working towards other parts of the body.

    * The inhaled breath helps you relax the various parts of the body and the exhaled breath helps you appreciate and empathize with its needs.

    * Next, get your facial muscles to relax one by one and in the process, relay a gentle smile to different parts of your body.

    * As you experience oneness with your body, ensure that all the muscles are relaxed.

    * Your inhaled breath will make you conscious to the joy of life, the wonders of breathing, seeing and hearing.

    * Bring yourself back to focusing on your inhaled and exhaled breath – to the current moment.

    * Your posture of sitting at this stage will make you feel in control of yourself, your body, your soul and mind.

    The above steps flow into each other through regular practice of Zen meditation.

    Za’zen is said to be the core of the Zen meditation process and aims at making a major shift in our attitude towards life. It tries to release the pressure of expectations and develop acceptance and appreciation for what is, and not what is expected. This is the basis from which the history of Zen meditation evolved.

    To discover the shocking, fascinating and unusual secrets of zen meditation music, be sure to check out Online Meditation Guru now.

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  • Sanatana Dharma: Root of Yoga Meditation, Vedanta, Tantra

    Sanatana means “eternal,” never beginning nor ending. Dharma is from “dhri,” meaning to “hold together,” to “sustain.” Sanatana Dharma eternally holds All together. The universal flow of Dharma, regardless of what name you call it, whether Dharma or some other name, has eternally existed. It has been before any of the great teachers were born. It is not better than, or alternative to, but is inclusive of all. Dharma is that out of which our earth and humanity itself emerged. Dharma not only is, but always was, and always will be. To live in alignment with, and to know the true nature of that Sanatana Dharma is one of the ways of describing the higher goal of life. From: What is Sanatana Dharma? http Sanatana Dharma and Hinduism The Words Hindu and Hinduism

  • Simple Meditation Techniques : Deciding to Do Meditation

    Many people are intimidated by the thought of meditation. Deciding to meditate with tips from a registered hatha yoga instructor in this free yoga video. Expert: Elizabeth Rose Bio: Elizabeth Rose is a registered Hatha yoga teacher with a background in modern dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and circus arts. Filmmaker: randy primm
    Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • Louise L Hay Affirmation Meditation

    I am willing to change affirmation 3 times with music from Lousie L Hay’s Movie, You can heal your life. Many Blessings – Lisa B Lisa C. Beachy Spiritual Intuitive & Healer
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