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  • Where can I find a list of all known “pagan” holidays and their respective dates?

    Question by Kris K: Where can I find a list of all known “pagan” holidays and their respective dates?
    I’m interested in a list of known “pagan” holidays for any mythical belief system since recorded history. Does one exist somewhere online?
    Okay – I’m looking for something more expanded and extensive than this list:
    Can someone point me to a holiday / festival encyclopedia that is *not* just for Wiccans? I’m interested in all world religions, old civilization / tribes, mystery religions, etc. I would love to be able to simply look up a date and see what holidays or celebrations existed on that day. I guess the term pagan is too specific or too general depending on how you look at the word. Let me modify that to say all known “polytheist, shamanic, pantheist, and animist” holidays.

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    Answer by richard t
    witch day is your favorite?

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  • Q&A: Where is the evidence that Christmas is a “pagan” holiday?

    Question by angus: Where is the evidence that Christmas is a “pagan” holiday?
    Before you start ranting at me, I’m not ignorant. I know that:

    – Christmas was created by the Roman Church in the 4th century to celebrate the Nativity, and was most likely placed on December 25 to compete with an existing pagan holiday (Birth of the Unconquered Sun) so that it would be easier to convert pagans to Christianity.

    – Many of the elements of Christmas such as gift-giving, trees, Santa, lights, etc. have secular origins and themes.

    But which of these elements are specifically 100% pagan, and where is the evidence? The Christmas tree originates in 16th century Christianity, so it does not have a direct pagan origin. Santa is a mix of the St. Nicholas and possibly some part of the Odin myth, so not 100% pagan origin.

    Why do people call it a “pagan” holiday when it’s more like a Christian and secular holiday with some pagan influence to a few select customs?

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    Answer by Santa Christ
    Further evidence lies in the fact that a lot of the story of Jesus’ birth, life, and death took cues from earlier pagan myths.

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  • Ariellah Dark Fusion & Tribal Belly Dance @ Pagan Alliance 10th Annual Pagan Festival 5.7.2011

    Ariellah Dark Fusion & Tribal Belly Dance @ The Pagan Alliance 10th Annual Pagan Parade & Festival (Berkeley) on 5.7.2011
    Video Rating: 4 / 5

    After Coordinating and Hosting 2yrs of PAGANFEST in Barrie Ont, I posted a Note in my Facebook called Paganfest Review, at the end I posed the question; What is a Pagan? The response surprised me…..

  • Brian Gallagher – Pagan Wisdom Podcast

    Brian Gallagher – Pagan Wisdom Podcast
    from Pagan Wisdom Podcast
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  • What are the definitions of “atheist”, “spiritual” and “Pagan”?

    Question by .: What are the definitions of “atheist”, “spiritual” and “Pagan”?
    I am constantly informed that it is not possible to be spiritual or Pagan if you are an atheist.

    It’s the oddest thing, but I can not for the life of me find a dictionary that defines atheist as “Someone who is not spiritual” or “Someone who is not a Pagan”.

    However the numerous people here who inform me in questions, answers or private emails that an atheist can neither be spiritual nor Pagan seem to have read such a dictionary.

    I would be grateful if someone could direct me to that dictionary so that I may read the definitions myself.

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    Answer by Ax.
    Augh, can we just leave out the pagan definition? It has way too many variable sects and interpretations, it’s ridiculous.

    Atheism is simple, bare-bones court-of-law logic. Lack of evidence = no dice.

    Fail to prove a soul, god, deity, or anything of the super natural and expect a big fat NO.

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  • Celtic pagan beliefs

    A brief review of what I will be covering in future videos. This channel will cover the celtic belief system prior to the incoming of Christianity. The purpose of these videos is to discuss varying aspects of celtic belief with others. I take it that anyone who finds these videos will be interested in the subject manner in some way. I will enjoy hearing from those who wish to contribute to the conversation.

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