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  • I need help from any Wiccan/ Pagan who is “out”!?

    Question by Seeker: I need help from any Wiccan/ Pagan who is “out”!?
    I recently came “out of the broom closet” with my parents. My dad doesn’t care, but I think it bothers my (catholic) mom and she won’t tell me. I she always talks about Wicca in a disgusted voice and ordered me not to bring any Wiccan “stuff” out into public. Is there any way I can show her that Wicca (and witchcraft) isn’t that bad? I told her the basics of being a Wiccan, but I don’t think that was enough.

    Also how do I get her to let me bring wicca books and other things (pentacle necklace, etc.) out in public?
    my mom isn’t VERY catholic she stop going to church every week and now only goes every now and then.
    also i love my mom very much (more than any one i know ) im not mad at her i just want her to see it my way
    when i said “out” i meant as a wiccan not homosexually (i notticed some people got the phrases mixed up)

    Best answer:

    Answer by christians_are_terrorists666
    you can tell her that Hitler was a good catholic in a sarcastic voice, catholics have done a lot of bad things in history, its best that you do some research about christian history, i have a book called the dark side of christian history by helen ellerbe and ten things I learned wrong from a conservative church by john killinger, knowledge is power and its best to arm yourself to the teeth, tell her that Opus Dei is the mafia of christianity and protestants are just as crooked, they steal money form gullible people so they can have jets and mansions

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  • Did the word “Pagan” have its origins in Christian intollerance.?

    Question by Lakely: Did the word “Pagan” have its origins in Christian intollerance.?
    There is a city in Burma called PAGAN… in which there are thousands of temples… and very obviously the ancient people there were very devoted to God (as they knew God… in their own tradition)

    Now, I suspect that when the western missionaries saw this Holy Town they were shocked to realize that these people were worshiping God in a way that they did not understand, so they called them “Pagans.”

    So do you think the word “Pagan” had its origins in Chrisitian intollerance?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Sir Offenzalot
    Can you please cite an example where Jesus was seen as being intolerant? (other than being intolerant of evil I can’t find any examples)

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  • Dawn, Scott and Tereesa – Another Pagan Podcast

    Dawn, Scott and Tereesa – Another Pagan Podcast
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  • Great Books for the Pagan and Wiccan Parent

    Teaching paganism to your children can be difficult. In the past, there have been few resources available aimed at pagan and Wiccan child-rearing. In the past few years, several great texts and workbooks have appeared that help pagan parents help their children along the path. Here are some favorites:

    Pagan Homeschooling: A Guide to Adding Spirituality to Your Child’s Education by Kristen Madden

    (Spilled Candy Publications 2002)

    This book is a great primer for parents to raise their children in a pagan tradition. It not only discusses how to begin to home school your pagan child but is also filled with activities, spells, rituals, and arts and crafts.

    Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions by Starhawk, Diane Baker, and Anne Hill

    (Bantam 2000)

    Circle Round focuses on teaching children earth-centered traditions, including the eight pagan holidays in the wheel of the year and shares recipes that are easy to make with your children. There are traditional stories retold and favorite rituals (like carving the Samhain pumpkin) explored.

    Family Wicca: Practical Paganism For Parents and Children by Ashleen O’Gaea

    (New Page Books 2006)

    Family Wicca was originally published ten years ago and remains the go-to resource for pagan families. Although written through a Wiccan lens, this resource can be successfully interpreted by many other Pagan paths. This book covers all stages of life including death, birth, and hand fasting. Family Wicca also teaches how to answer difficult questions about the Path from children and non-Pagan family members.

    Witches’ Datebook by Llewellyn

    (Llewellyn 2008)

    Llewellyn Press releases a Witches’ Datebook and a Witches’ Calendar every year. Not only is it helpful for a pagan parent to plan with, but is full of pagan recipes, rituals, and astrological information. A great resource to have your children plan their homeschooling lessons in. The dates of all of the Sabbats are included.

    Celebrating the Great Mother: A Handbook of Earth-Honoring Activities For Parents and Children by Cait Johnson and Maura D. Shaw

    (Destiny Books 1995)

    This book is full of activities related to the Wheel of the Year to share with your children, including making smudge sticks, making handmade ornaments for the Yule tree, and making dream pillows. There are many activities related to nature such as gathering wild food on a nature walk. It also includes a handy list of supplies you will need for all of the activities.

    Pagan Children’s Workbook by Lady Eliana

    (Twin Serpents 2006)

    This small book is a great introduction for young children who are learning the pagan path. It includes descriptions of the holidays and rituals as well as coloring pages. Not a lot of meat here but a good workbook for younger children.

    Written by Angie Mohr
    Writes for work, writes for play…

  • Why and how would someone decide to be “Pagan”?

    Question by David M: Why and how would someone decide to be “Pagan”?
    I understand there are many variants of so called “paganism” etc but speaking in general terms what would draw somone to decide for example “Well gosh this idea of drawing down the moon to invoke the triple goddess makes perfect sense?”

    I fully confess to being dismissive of Paganism but I’m trying to ask a sincere question here. We know the history with Gardner and all that. We know the origins where much of the ritual etc were grafted from earlier faiths. So how would anyone say yep that’s it – this guy collected all the true bits of earlier faiths, came up with some true new stuff and accurately described the real immanent deities of the God and the Goddess?

    Again – an example – I know not all Pagans cleave to the traditional British variant. Feel free to mentally edit. The question remains though that Christians are made mostly via indoctrination and social norming, but Pagans almost to a one have chosen it from all available options, even knowing everything above. Why?
    Couple updates.

    No I don’t think Christianity or older religions make more sense. I think NONE of them do. However the older faiths have established large followings over centuries, and people are indoctrinated into them so it makes more sense that people would adopt them. The religion makes no more sense – just the adoption of it.

    Wicca is an example of Paganism. I used it as one example and made it clear I knew there were others.

    I’m still not seeing though a rational reason to decide that yes this particular view of divinity is any more sensible, true or meaningful than any other. The “as above so below” answer is the closest so far, but still not seeing why anyone would be likely to accept such beliefs as true when we can trace their origin. What’s the difference between Gardner and Hubbard as far as validity of belief goes – their relative intent or morality being not relevant – just the beliefs themselves?
    No no trees for me.

    And even if I had one out of social norms or for kids, that would not make me accept the belief that spawned the idea any more than taking Easter off makes me believe that one. The important question for me is why anyone would accept the beliefs, not the trappings.
    AGAIN – I KNOW Wicca is not all of Paganism. It’s in there in the question. How much clearer could I have made it?

    Atheism takes no faith. Atheism is absence of belief not belief in absence.

    Still nobody is addressing why they would choose something as true. I was hoping someone would point to some evidence or inductive arguments that establish some of the tenets of whatever brand of paganism they espouse. Where is the Pagan Thomas Quinas with their five proofs – even if they are not valid, but at least reasoned?

    Best answer:

    Answer by monky_bizzness_2
    Cuz you can smoke pot and have sex and still be Pagan and claim to have a relationship with god(s).

    So, those who like smoking pot and having sex and want to remove the guilt, cannot be Christian so they become Pagan.

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  • Nice Pagan photos

    Some cool Pagan images:

    the pagan states 077

    Image by bijoubaby
    the pagan states

    the pagan states 072

    Image by bijoubaby
    the pagan states

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