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  • Palmistry is there something to it? Or complete crap?

    Does lines on your hand indicate anything whatsoever about yourself, potential, past, present and future?

  • Palmistry Life line really tell death?

    So is it true that your life line tells when you will die? My husband’s life line is rather short and now I’m really upset.. Mine is short also but not like his.. What does it really mean?

  • how is palmistry able to give such accurate predictions ?

    what is the science behind it

  • Is the marriage line in palmistry on the right hand or left?

  • Dev Palmistry

    Mr Devesh Kr. Mishra is a Software Engineer and Noted Palm Reader .Its a passion for me and since my childhood, i am doing research on the Ancient Science “PALMISTRY”. Its a science to serve humanity.Its a science to improve future in a better way . The lines of palm tells everything about the personality, the psychology, future and lots of other things about that person. It does not mean that lines of palm never changes, it changes according to positions of various palates and there degree of energy effect on a particular person which triggers the physiology , psychology , other body functions and harmony of the vital force,which are the mother and causative factors of external expression of lines of palm. If you have any query regarding future, marriage, love, love marriage, relationship, career, business, health, education, etc you can ask your question on my mail id : and you can call me on my cell no. 09911360392… You can also visit my Palmistry blog…

  • Right Pay for Right Work – Saturn Talk: Palmistry with Peggie Episode 8

    When it comes to the middle finger all kinds of stories abound. But one of the core messages for anyone with lots of Saturn energy (ask your hand analyst about your Saturn finger!) is that you MUST earn your right pay for your right work. So, what if you’re making great money in a job that doesn’t serve your purpose – NOPE! You’ll feel out of synch, unhappy and ultimately unfulfilled. What if you’re doing work you love – that aligns with your purpose — but you’re charging ridiculously low rates? BEEEEP. You can’t do that either. You’ll be out of synch, unhappy and ultimately start questioning whether or not you’re on the right path!

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