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  • How To Make Comfrey Ointment Part 1 This video is the first part of how to make comfrey ointment and oil by Sue Goodwin.

  • New Age Spirituality – Discussion


    A discussion of the New Age spirituality philosophy that “all religions are One”–that they may differ from one another on the surface, but underneath, the worlds variety of faiths are like different colors of one big Holy Rainbow: they all come from the same ray of sacred sunlight before being broken into their respective colors. OUTLINE: – quotes & excerpts from New Age literature – my reasons for being a bit hesitant to criticize this philosophy – why I’m going to criticize it anyway, – the five different approaches that New Age theologians and philosophers use to defend the “all religions are One” approach, and why I believe that none of these approaches can hold up to scrutiny. This is a video adaptation from material in “Dialogue with a Christian Proselytizer.”
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  • How to Eat a Pine Tree with Linda Runyon Part 1 of 6

    How to Eat a Pine Tree with Linda Runyon “Weeds are in every country of the world, so it’s beyond me why there is world hunger. An entire civilization is walking on their food.” Linda Runyon spoke these words after years of teaching herself how to live from the land. “I have this driving force to let others know they can survive. I see pictures of Afghanistan children eating bread made from grass. They are actually eating healthy food. Starving people are probably walking on food that would keep them alive, if they knew how to use it. Wild foods can be dried and kept for decades, and their seeds can be planted to grow again after all that time,” she says. Linda’s knowledge and expertise come from years of wilderness living, and learning on her own just what foods were safe to eat. She became familiar with medicinal herbs as well, as an offshoot of her friendship among members of an Iroquois Indian tribe in the Adirondacks wild, where she lived for many years. Survival Acre is the first book Linda published about her years of education by Mother Nature. It came into being after she left the Adirondacks to care for her ailing parents in Phoenix. Other publications include “Wild Food and Coloring Book” and The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide, discussed in more detail in the “Testimonials” section of this website. Most recently, Linda created a survival pack of wild food identification cards which are now available to soldiers through a

  • Survival Doc on Apocalyptic Medicines Part 1

    Do you depend on prescription medications? What will you do if you are not able to get your drugs after a post-apocalyptic societal collapse? “Survival Doc” discusses this important yet often neglected preparedness topic.
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    The tale relates the story of two sisters, daughters of an Anglican vicar, who return from overseas to a drab, lifeless vicarage in the post-war East Midlands. Their mother has run off, a scandal that is not talked about by the family. Their new home is dominated by a blind and selfish grandmother along with her mean spirited, poisonous daughter. The two girls, Yvette and Lucille, risk being suffocated by the life they now lead at the Vicarage. They try their utmost every day to bring colour and fun into their lives. Out on a trip with some friends one Sunday afternoon, Yvette encounters a Gypsy and his family and this meeting reinforces her disenchantment with the oppressive domesticity of the vicarage. It also awakens in her a sexual curiosity she has not felt before, despite having admirers. She also befriends a Jewish woman and her amour. When her father finds out about this friendship, he threatens her with “the asylum” and Yvette realises that at his heart her father, too, is mean spirited and shallow. At the end of the novel, one of the daughters is rescued during a surprise flood that washes through the home and drowns the grandmother. The rescuer who breathes life and warmth back into the virginal Yvette is the free-spirited Gypsy. The flood could be seen as a metaphor for washing away the old, oppressive life, and welcoming in the new freedom. Ironically, when we discover the Gypsy’s name at the very end of the novella, he becomes mundane and ordinary and the
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    DH Lawrence - Top 10 Quotes

    The ten best quotes by the great English poet, painter and essayist DH Lawrence. (1885 – 1930) See all quotes by DH Lawrence at Enlighten yourself at The music used in this video is “Snowdrop” Like iPerceptive at Facebook http Follow iPerceptive at Twitter
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  • Spiritual Reality ( Meditation) Part 1 of 4

    Very simple en clear explaination about meditation with helpfull animations In this video the following subjects are adressed: * Cosmic Energy * Meditaion * Etheric Body * Pyramid Meditation * Third Eye * Enlightenment * Astral Body * Astral Travel * Nirvana * Life after Life I hope it’s usefull to you, it is for me 🙂 Try it for yourself Thank you for watching 🙂

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