Q&A: Spirit Guide Question…?

Question by erichbreidenbach: Spirit Guide Question…?
Not sure is “Spirit Guide” is technically the appropriate term, but here goes…

During my life, when something has gone wrong, or I have been in danger (admittedly not often) events seem to conspire to remove me from the situation. It’s a little scary because some of the situations have been such that I didn’t feel there was any way to get out of them; then a series of events beyond my control moves me out of harm’s way.
Since I have started learning more about the spiritual, I have run into some kind of force. Every time I try to probe, I run into a mental image of somebody clothed in white. I get the feeling that somehow he has some of my essence in it, but I get a mixed emotional impression, almost angry or something else that I can’t begin to define. he glows a little, like a bright light with no discernable source is shining on him, and he’s always leaning against an oak tree (apparently in summer foliage)

Any insights or explanations people have would be welcome
In response to one of the answers, yes and no. It feels like it has part of my essence, but the remainder feels alien, there’s something there, but it’s so far out of the realm of my experience that I can’t understand it

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Answer by LiliRose

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Question about Paganism?

Question by Water Witch: Question about Paganism?
What is it really? I looked it up on Wiki but I wasn’t making much sense of it. I know “paganism” has been given a bad reputation, but I’ve been told that my ways of worship are simliar to Paganism so I wanted to find out more information about it. I have an open mind so I’m open to learn anything new. For all I know this might be the right type of religion for me…I don’t like labeling myself to a religion because I”ve never found a religion that I’ve agreed with, but perhaps Paganism might be the way for me.

I preferably want answers from Pagans, but who ever can answer is fine.

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Answer by Rachel
Paganism is the belief in many gods, and is mainly used today in reference to earth based religions, like wicca. It is the oldest form of worship we know of today. Here’s a link that might help, and kudos on being so openminded!

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Question regarding Descartes “Meditations”?

Question by N: Question regarding Descartes “Meditations”?
I need help on some philosophy homework. The book store still has not delivered my copy of the book, and I need to answer the following question in about an hour in 25 words or less:

“Why does Descartes come to doubt things he sees at a distance?”

This is in reference to the first chapter of the book. Any help would be appreciated.

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Answer by Susan
Descartes’ doubt is predicated on the knowledge that sense experience can be deceiving. Something that is seen at a distance can be something other than what it appears to be, like a twig in the water that seems to be bent but isn’t.

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I am asking this question to all those who practice “meditation” & also those who are spiritually inclined.

Question by shankd67: I am asking this question to all those who practice “meditation” & also those who are spiritually inclined.
I have some problem doing meditation in the seated posture on the ground…padmasana or ardha padmasana because it hurts my lower back somewhat & also I have slight pain in the right upper thigh. So can I do meditation sitting on a chair …I have been shown a posture how to do it. ?? As long as I keep my back straight & I am being able to concentrate I hope its OK. What (object or whatever) do u people concentrate on while doing meditation & also do u keep ur eyes open or slightly closed ? I am asking the slightly advanced people in meditation.

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Answer by tawaen
I actually lie down and close my eyes for meditation. I concentrate on my breathing pattern, usually.

But if I feel the need, I can use a candle as my focus. I generally don’t bother because it sets off the fire alarm in my house…

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Q&A: Question on “Karma” and “You reap what you sow”?

Question by Uma Bradley: Question on “Karma” and “You reap what you sow”?
Regarding two spiritual laws from different religions.

Is the “law” of ‘Karma’ and the biblical verse “You reap what you sow” referring to the same thing?

Thank you

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Answer by BilboBaggins
It’s all about keeping the lower class in check.

Don’t be mad we have the power and wealth! Stay humble and poor, like god intended!

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Chinese Astrology Question…?

Question by Piscium: Chinese Astrology Question…?
I was looking through my “The New Astrology” by Suzanne White book and it’s kind of hard to read about some people because they are on cusps. So usually I just read both signs and kind of combine the two, which really isn’t accurate at all, I should find an astrology book about cusps.
*If you know of one or have one could you please let me know, Thanks!

My question is, does chinese astrology have cusps as well?
My boyfriend was born Dec. 20th, makes him a sagittarius/capricorn cusp but because he was born so close the new year does it mean he’s a snake/horse?? Does that even like exist?

Just curious! =]

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Answer by guy adults see as bad influence
No it does not… I find Chinese astrology to be very accurate btw. Especially if you get a combined reading of your western and chinsese signs.

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