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  • The religion Wicca, is it for Goths?

    Question by TrueVentus: The religion Wicca, is it for Goths?
    Well i have this friend and her religion is “Wicca” I search it up and i wonder they believe in god? Yes?

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    Answer by Ginger
    Only very young goths who don’t get out much.

    When they’re 30, they’ll have kids and allotments and ride their bikes a lot.

    It’s cute.

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  • Was religion originally intended to be about egos?

    Question by Gorgeoustx Go Spurs Go!!: Was religion originally intended to be about egos?
    Except Buddhism.

    “Buddhists try to overcome ego, yet most other religions are the opposite in that they say “we are the best, and the only true religion that is really right…really…so believe us or else”. Ego is the problem because it is basic to most religions.” – Mikenanda;_ylt=Atn1kt8HeIogrlCZkQe34nzsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080103065327AA7qCfq

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    Answer by Jaeh
    I think it depends on the particular gods being worshiped. It is certain that Jehovah’s egoism has spread to his followers. But there are certainly many other faiths and philosophies that do not share this perspective.

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  • Why do some people think their religion is the only religion?

    Question by GeorgiaGurl: Why do some people think their religion is the only religion?
    I went to the library today looking for books on buddhism. Although, buddhism isn’t really a religion, I want to impliment it in my life. So, I couldn’t find any Buddhism books so I asked the lady at the front desk “Do you have any books on Buddhism?”
    SHe started laughing along side another lady that was standing beside her, and she said “Honey, I don’t think so” while still laughing. And I was standing there, wondering WTH was so funny?!?!
    I am sorry I should have left my own opinions out or worded it different. I defiantely don’t want to offend anyone. So, If you read the above post and feel offended, I am sorry.
    In in Southern Georgia in a very small predominatly white town. Mostly everyone here are Christians…Thanks for repling everyone.

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    Answer by White Tiger of God
    1. Ignore them.

    2. Jesus Christ said there is only one way to heaven

    3. Take the hint of god is giving you and run with it.

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    Contact David Otto, Department of Religious Studies, Centenary College, 318-869-

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (PRWEB) November 9, 2003



    Ever wanted to explore the mysteries of other religions? Do all religions have something in common?

    Students within the Department of Religious Studies at Centenary College will host a “Religions of the World Fair” on Monday, November 10, from 6:00-8:00 pm in Kilpatrick Auditorium. This free event, open to the public, will offer several interactive, informative exhibits on religions such as Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism and others.

    Come and experience an educational and enlightening evening. For more information, contact Dr. David Otto, Professor of Religious Studies, Centenary College 318-869-5051.

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  • Q&A: How do modern “pagans” classify the Hindu religion?

    Question by Hoosier Daddy: How do modern “pagans” classify the Hindu religion?
    Do modern-day pagans (aka “neopagans”) consider religions such as Hindu religion or Shinto to also be in their “circle”–that is, are they also “pagan” according to the Western industrial neopagan? I’ve seen several neopagans give a definition of “paganism” that essentially would exclude Hindu beliefs and practices, for example.
    For folks who don’t understand: There are a bunch of people running around in Western countries these days who call themselves “pagan”. They adhere to religions that were usually created in the 20th century as “revivals” or “new expressions” of some sort of “nature-centred” belief or doctrine. Do these people, these “neopagans”, also consider religions such as Hindu religion or Shinto to ALSO be pagan. Note to the dim: I did NOT ask if they also considered them to be “neopagan” but if they considered them to be “pagan”.
    So, then, basically, the neos have decided that they have exclusive ownership over the word “pagan”–who gets to be in the “pagan club”, as it were…

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    Answer by garlic J
    I am hindu and i read this 2 times and still dont get what you are saying

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  • Is it okay to say ” I respect the people from this religion more than I respect the people from that religion”?

    Question by Hodaya: Is it okay to say ” I respect the people from this religion more than I respect the people from that religion”?
    If I said, ” I respect Hinduism more than I respect Buddhism”, which reply would be more appropriate from a Hindu:

    a) Thanks!
    b) I think people should be repsected for who they are, not for what religion they follow.

    What do you think?

    I think it’s highly inappropriate to judge people for what religion they follow. Sure there are fundamentalist Muslims, but I still respect Muslims and Islam. Sure there are fundie Christians that wish to convert me, yet I still respect Christians and Christianity.

    No religion is perfect, and people should be judged individually, not through generalisation. I respect Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, etc etc. Because we have something good to learn from in each tradtion.
    Chick-a-deester : Thanks! 🙂 Okay, I guess you make a good point in your answer.
    Mama Pajama: You may have guessed that my question was indirectly referring to that post ” Are there more atheists like me who respect Judaism more than they do Christianity?”
    Mama Pajama: Perhaps I am mistaken. I am sorry if that offended you as a Jew. But that question offended me on behalf of the Christians. Paperback and angels have only thumbs up because they just said thank you, while I brought Christians into this.

    Anyway, Mama, in this post I’m not referring t white supremacist groups which are OBVIOUSLY concerning and horrible. I am referring to basic religions, such as Judaism and Christianity.
    My, Paperback, when I saw that you starred this I was already scared of what you were going to say!:-) I remember you were really mad at Alfred J. Kwak because of some things she said, even though she’s respectful to Jews.
    So I was surprised to see that your answer is so …tame. LOL.
    Ookay, enough about Messianics already. I think by now we all know that you don’t like them, and that they’re Christian evangelists. I do not ask you to respect them.

    I am asking, did you think it was perfectly alright for the poster to have said he respects Jews more than he respects Christians? Try to think objectively. What if his statement was reversed ( okay , it often is ,but anyway)?

    Yes, people, I did read the question. And I did read mama Pajama’s answer, and Mama, i appreciate your comment about the Christians. But your comment was the only one of its kind on that page. I know the ‘asker’ was saying that he respects Jews more because they never tried to convert them, but I disagree that Christians should be respected less simply because of OTHER Christians who do not behave very…er.. appropriately.

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    Answer by Poohcat1
    God seeks to touch all people….but we all react in our own way.

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