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  • for astrologers and serious students of astrology: How long after meeting someone do you learn their Sun sign?

    Question by ♓ Vee: for astrologers and serious students of astrology: How long after meeting someone do you learn their Sun sign?
    When I meet anyone fairly interesting, for me learning their sun sign is like learning their last name. I’m pretty good at names but possibly even better at remembering sun signs. Even people I haven”t seen in years. I often feel a little cheesey however when asking ” What’s your sign?” its so, so, – I dunno – disco. How do you bring it up and how soon?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Razmatazz!
    i just ask people their birthday. but usually not till ive known them sort of well. i like to guess anyway haha. sometimes you can find out indirectly if the birthday/astrology topic comes up tho ^^

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  • Zodiac Sign “Awards”?

    Question by Please Don’t Disturb: Zodiac Sign “Awards”?
    Ok, of all the people (and their birthdays) you know, use your personal experiences and knowledge to answer these, not what traditional astrology would dictate. For example, if the Neatest (as in tidy) person you know is a Leo, put “Leo”. So knock yourselves out! (And don’t put my sign for “most immature” or “worst hygiene”, for any wannabe-witty answerers).


    Best Social Skills:
    Worst Social Skills:

    Most Callous:
    Most Sensitive:

    Most Ethical:
    Least Ethical:

    Most Extroverted:
    Most Shy:

    Worst Hygiene/Grossest:

    Most Aggressive:
    Most Passive:

    Most Mature (behavior):
    Most Immature:

    Best answer:

    Answer by irishmoss86
    Messiest: Scorpio
    Neatest: Cancer

    Best Social Skills: Sag
    Worst Social Skills: Virgo

    Most Callous: Scorpio
    Most Sensitive: Cancer

    Most Ethical: Taurus
    Least Ethical: Virgo

    Most Extroverted: Aries
    Most Shy: Libra

    Worst Hygiene/Grossest: Capricorn

    Most Aggressive: Aries
    Most Passive: Taurus

    Most Mature (behavior): Leo
    Most Immature: Scorpio

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  • Q&A: Is it bad to decide not to date someone because of their sign?

    Question by Interpol: Is it bad to decide not to date someone because of their sign?
    I know it’s awfully prejudice and narrow-minded of me. I’m usually quite open, but from experience, and even being very close with Guys born under Gemini, I really really turn away from Gemini guys that pursue me romantically. It sounds bad, “Why would you not like someone because of their sun sign?” It’s not that I don’t like Gemini’s – I do. The mature ones especially. But I don’t know, guess you can say I am extremely wary of them from what I have seen in how they behave, its all very similar with the Gemini Guys:
    – Split personality, very unpredictable
    – Its like walking on eggshells, again very unpredictable
    – Two-faced nature (I really don’t like two-faced people. Prefer up and honest people)
    – Need to evade any meaningfulness
    – Quick to anger, won’t apologize for any wrong-doing
    – React over the smallest things, prone to violent temper tantrums
    – Not loyal, period. Not loyal in romantic relationships, its really awful.
    I always kind of feel emotionally drained with them. I had two terrible experiences with guys born under this sign :S

    Ive been best friends with these guys, and I even told them, “You know, if we were not best friends, I can say that I would not like you. As a person. period. But you’re my friends so i tolerate it.”

    Is that bad, I won’t date a guy born under Gemini LOL……. unless he is extremely mature and has a lot of capricorn, and aquarius in his chart other than that, We can be friends (if I rarely see em)

    Have you guys had any bad experiences with specifif signs?
    I would def date a Gemini if he didn’t have the traits that i’ve seen the Geminis in my life have.
    But then again, I’d be constantly on edge, just WAITING for him to do something Gemini-Like. Ah! They say Aqua’s are hard to tame, please, Gemini beats us by far.

    Best answer:

    Answer by snoozer214
    That has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. No sign is going to tell you how a person will act. It is all a coincidence.

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  • Moon sign astrology ????

    Question by usc2hot: Moon sign astrology ????
    I am a sun sign Taurus (05/15) with a moon sign in Cancer. Since Cancer’s “sun sign” is ruled by the moon, can I consider myself “half-Cancer” or something??? I definitely relate to them- matter of fact I click well with all water signs (not all earth signs though)

    Best answer:

    Answer by alkalinezachmo
    through what ive seen the moon sign is more of an underlying part of your personality. so you can say your tauren with cancer elements. im a virgo with some leo elements so i tell peeps im part virgo part leo.

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  • Is mars stronger in the sign aries or scorpio?

    Question by www.: Is mars stronger in the sign aries or scorpio?
    Since aries is ruled by mars and scorpio is co-ruled by mars, which one would be a stronger Mars sign?
    Note: Not sun sign, “Mars” sign.
    Sharia I kinda understand, could u make it a bit clearer?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Independent
    Between the two, Mars would be stronger in Aries because it rules Aries. Mars in Scorpio is secondary in strength because Pluto rules Scorpio and Mars is a co-ruler.

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  • Q&A: What zodiac sign “here” takes the most bashing?

    Question by officer Yoshimi: What zodiac sign “here” takes the most bashing?

    From what I’ve seen Gem’s & Scorpio’s
    take a beating around here.

    Best answer:

    Answer by fayt84

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