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  • Mahalia Barnes & The Soul Mates EPK

    27DC produced this epk about the making of Mahalia Barnes debut album.

  • UnlikeHAWKvey; Regarding soul mates, do you find this statement to be true?

    Soul mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect, but are always perfect for you.

  • What chart aspects are the “hot spots” for soul mates?

    I’ve heard of aspects between two people that are “soul mate” material. For example, Venus-Pluto conjunction creates intense sexual attraction and Moon-Moon trine creates emotional comfortability.

    What chart aspects will indicate a strong soul mate connection?
    how do I figure out my love asteroids?
    yea, i don’t think “comfortability” is a word lol. but hopefully, you know what i mean.

  • Where can I find the story by Aristotle about soul mates?

    There is a story, which I was under the impression, was written by Aristotle. It’s a story about how in the beginning of time, men and women were as one and that the gods were so jealous of humans’ happiness that they split them apart at the navel and spread them out and made it so that human’s had to search out their “tear apart” or “soul mate” Where can I find this? Does it have a title?

  • Can one person be both your twin flame and soul mate?

  • Is He My Soul Mate? Great Tips to Help You Determine

    Love is like a rainbow wherein you ask “is he my soul mate?” And this soul mate you’re talking about is yet to be found at the other side of the rainbow like a treasure. It is a constant wait. Sometimes no matter how you wait, he just doesn’t come, he is late or he is gone. However, one good thing about love is there is always this feeling of hope that the person you are with now is the one you are waiting for. Here are great tips you could use to determine if he is.

    Tip #1 – He listens

    A man needs to listen first before they will be able to genuinely love. Therefore, if he does not only hear you but understands you as well, he may be the one.

    Tip #2 – He connects

    You can say that he is the one when you share the same chemistry with him. If he can connect to your interest and he interacts with you in a level where there is almost no words needed to convey your messages to each other then you are perfectly fit for each other.

    Tip #3 – He doesn’t try to change you

    Is he my soul mate? He is if he never tries to change who you are instead he brings out the best in you and supports you to be better not for him but for yourself.

    Tip #4 – He trusts you

    Trust is a very important component in every relationship. Without it, a relationship can never work no matter how much you try. He has to completely see that you are worth everything and nothing less.

    Tip #5 – He’s the best friend you never had

    He becomes the key to your lock and you become the key to his lock. This means you complement each other perfectly. You share everything to him as he does to you.

    In relationships, it is normal to ask “is he my soul mate?” It is probably one of the questions that are going through his mind too. Give the relationship a chance where two imperfect people come together to become perfect as one.

    Do you ever wonder if the one you are dating is actually your soul mate? There are ways for you to find out. You can have access to his secrets and see if you complement each other well. Further details about this is available at where you will be given a chance to take a peek inside his heart.

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