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  • What evidence is there for “nirvana” (liberation from death / rebirth cycle) in Buddhism?

    Question by Tr: What evidence is there for “nirvana” (liberation from death / rebirth cycle) in Buddhism?
    Buddhists believe that somehow a person’s actions in this life has an effect on whether he/she is freed from being endlessly reborn again (reincarnation).

    What is the scientific evidence for this? In other words how, scientifically, can a person use their “karma” to influence exactly whether or not they are reborn again and as what??

    Or is this whole nirvana idea to be taken by “faith” alone?

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    Answer by Electr-Amish
    so I have to be good to die forever? or be bad to live again? I like Buddism, but that can be picked apart in too many ways

    I don’t get it

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  • is there a such thing as “walking meditations”?

    Question by electric eccentic: is there a such thing as “walking meditations”?
    i’ve heard of this off hand from a few of my friends, & i suppose it is what i do. for i always am walking around, trying to figure things in my life out. never get any majorly productive answers, but i still get some resolution, & am a little closer to finding peace after these long walks aimlessly around my town talking to myself out loud…

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    Answer by Bob
    i do that all the time. it is a very good thing to be able to do.

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  • Is there a difference between having Buddhism as a philosophy and Buddhist philosophy?

    Question by Jcd: Is there a difference between having Buddhism as a philosophy and Buddhist philosophy?
    I mean, Buddhist philosophy itself is about their traditions, culture and stuff but I think Buddhism “as a” philosophy means another thing. Am I getting it wrong? Are they just conveying the same things?
    @Sisyphus: True, but what I really mean is that, if there is a difference. The Buddhist Philosophy teaches its ways. But what about Buddhism as a philosophy? Does it impart external views about the religion? I’m not having it as some form of exercise.. I just need it for a my research.

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    Answer by Sisyphus
    In other words, can a person cherry pick what suits them from the Buddhist teachings or do they have to follow all of it? Buddhism leaves the option open to the person… or does it? These are all jsut concepts, which are all emptiness anyway, making this exercise somewhat unnecessary.

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  • “Mindfulness Meditation” grew out of Buddhist practice. Is there a role for it in Christian Spirituality?

    Question by NH Baritone: “Mindfulness Meditation” grew out of Buddhist practice. Is there a role for it in Christian Spirituality?
    See for further information.

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    Answer by Julian
    No they’re afraid of the concept of mediation. Prayer is as far as they will go. Meditation allows you to tap into the holy spirit, and for a Christian this is the work of the devil because only Jesus can allow you to tap into the holy spirit if he is not too busy at the time.

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  • How were the angels created? Was there an “angel” version of the Adam & Eve story?

    Question by gossamer presents… Sarah!: How were the angels created? Was there an “angel” version of the Adam & Eve story?

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    Answer by Marytoo
    ROFLMAO I wonder if it included temptation by a talking bird

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  • There Is No Karma

    Article by jonpeeoh

    Wow, with an article title like that, many of you are reading so that you’ll know the proper way to lynch me. However, my mission is to deliver the deepest truths to you, and so I’m afraid there’s an ugly little weed in the garden of our realities that must be chopped away, and that is the notion of karma.

    Karma is, in its root form, the law of cause and effect. You do good, you get good. You do bad, you get bad. In most ways, this of course mirrors the Law of Attraction. But by destroying this framework notion of karma, you will allow yourself new ways to create, and ways to do so without being destructive to yourself.

    Let us go ahead and take a close glance at karma. First of all, there is a bit of truth to the notion, although it is not the way that most consider “karma” to be. When you do harm, intentional harm, to others, especially when you “know that it is wrong”, then you harm yourself. This is simply because there is no other – we are all one being. Harming someone else is only harming another piece of your greater self.

    But now let’s dispel the rest of karma, the whole good/bad thing, the dread that something could cause a karmic reaction that would bring unpleasantries into one’s life.

    You create what you think and believe, period. If you believe in karma, you will have karma. If you do something and “know it’s wrong”, believing it may come back to haunt you, it will. But the reality is much simpler, and allows much greater freedom. All possibility exists in this moment, and you merely choose which possibility to draw into your awareness, your consciousness, your life.

    You choose this by thought, by speech, and by belief. I’ve heard people wonder this aloud all throughout my life: “Why is it that bad things happen to good people, and bad people live forever?” I’ll tell you why right now!

    In the minds of “bad people”, they do not think they are “bad”, or “wrong”, or “sinful”. Therefore no matter what they do, they are not putting a thought or belief out to the universe that creates a harmful event in their own life. Likewise, good people struggle with guilt, which is an entirely useless emotion for creating your reality. So long as you always do your best, no matter what happens, you can not change the past. Guilt is a stupid thing that we do to ourselves, and punish ourselves forever for small (or even large) blunders. But “good” people deal with guilt because of the notions of “right” and “wrong”, and wanting to always do “right”. So good people put self-destructive thoughts out whenever they perceive that they have done something wrong – teeny, huge, whatever, a “good” person is in the habit of creating guilt, which becomes a thoughtform that comes back to harm them. This is proof that creating your reality does not depend on your “morals”, but only on the process, for better or for worse.

    Now the closer you become to your spiritual being, the more naturally “good” you will become. Someone in love with themselves, aware of their connection to The All, does not desire to harm another. They come to love themselves, which is the only way that we can love others. The only way to true selflessness is through total selfishness. That seems contradictory, but it is true. The more you focus on loving yourself and making yourself happy, the more you will love others and make them happy, and your happiness will come to depend more on their happiness.

    But enough about “morality”, back to the point. Anything you want, no matter what, is in existence. The fact that you can even think of it, or imagine it, means that it exists, and all you must do is draw it into your life, your awareness, your Now. Therefore, by removing this silly notion of karma and thereby relieving yourself of guilt, you may ask for what you truly want, no matter how broad or specific, and through the purity of your intent and the knowing within that what you ask for is rightfully yours because it already exists and is simply what you want to experience, you will draw it to you, no repercussions, no “bad karma”.

    Even if your desire involves other humans, you can not affect them with your magick, any more than they can affect you. Free will is absolute. But in the infinite matrix of energy that is the source of All That Is, every possibility exists, and you can draw into your reality experiences that don’t mesh with or seem to be possible in relation to your current reality. You aren’t doing anything to others, you are merely changing your own experience in relation to them.

    I invite anyone to discuss this on my forums at if you would like, as I’m sure that many of you want to question my assertion, punch holes in it, or perhaps punch holes in me. I welcome the challenge, and bid you good day!

    jonpeeoh ( is a new web community devoted to raising consciousness, magick, and teaching others to take control of their powers as creators of their own reality.

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