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  • Q&A: Are there more and more Atheists now because we’re almost in the Age of Aquarius?

    Question by ntisme: Are there more and more Atheists now because we’re almost in the Age of Aquarius?
    I think this is the reason for less and less religion.Each age happens roughly every 2000 years, and 2000 years ago Jesus was born, at the start of the age of Pisces, and now that were in the Age of Aquarius, we will rely on science (?)

    “Aquarius traditionally “rules” electricity, computers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, idealists, modernization, rebels and rebellion, mental diseases, nervous disorders, and astrology”

    what do you think?

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    Answer by Sirensong sunshine

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  • Is astrology saying there are only 12 “types” of people?

    Question by cinderella: Is astrology saying there are only 12 “types” of people?
    There are only 12 sun signs. So, logically, there are only 12 core types of people. Leo’s are apparently leader-types. Therefore, 1/12 (assuming there’s an even spread of the number of people born each sun sign period) of the world’s population are natural leaders.

    The logic doesn’t sound like logic to me.
    Plus, I’m a Libra and I know plenty of Libra’s who are nothing at all “like me.”

    So, what’s up with astrology and the importance of “your sign?”

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    Answer by AMIT G
    astrology dosent say thr are only 12 kind of people, but it says tht everyone is affected by some stars and in a different way. everyone is different and act diff., but there acts and deeds are in some way or the other affected by the placement of stars and planets and that has been proved a lot many times.

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  • Is there potioncrafting in Wicca?

    Question by Cps: Is there potioncrafting in Wicca?
    I know there are tinctures which can be used with Rosemary, for example, to help illness, etc, but are there “potions” in Wicca? Or is “potion” just a hyped term for “tincture”?
    In that case, could you explain what it is? I’m getting confused because I hear people talking about potions, but all I can get information on is tuncture-making. :S
    Well then, if it /is/ an acknowledged practice, cana nyone give me some links to some sites? I’d love to check it out. 🙂

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    Answer by Why? [Love drunk~ <3]
    Potion-crafting can be practiced without any religion attached, my dear.

    Making a potion can and is practiced in any religion, including Wicca and most if not all forms of Paganism.

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  • Will there be a global theocracy? Which religion will it be? Who will run it?

    Question by harrison w: Will there be a global theocracy? Which religion will it be? Who will run it?
    With the new millennium, increasing numbers of people have heard about the “One World Religion” purportedly being planned by the ruling elite, i.e., the “Illuminati,” “Masons,” or various other cultic/religious interests. Many people believe that such a One World Religion, if indeed a planned development, will be a form of Catholicism or “New Age Spiritualism,” while others such as Jews and Muslims insist that their ideologies will rule the world.

    Best answer:

    Answer by iris054
    We need a global ethical movement to emerge that doesn’t originate from a central point or a charismatic male vertebrate. There are actually quite a number of groups of people in all religions, and with no religion, who are working hard to bring about a better tomorrow. This should give us great hope.


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  • Q&A: Are there any contemporary philosophers or neuroscientists who uphold “substance dualism” (human souls)?

    Question by doogsdc: Are there any contemporary philosophers or neuroscientists who uphold “substance dualism” (human souls)?
    And not just ANY philosopher, I’m talking about philosophers who specialize in philosophy of mind and whom have the credentials to speak with authority on the subject. Philosophers of religion are not qualified. To analogize, would you go to a gynecologist for psychiatric problems?

    Substance dualism is the idea that a human being is composed of two substances: the physical substance of the brain that can be examined and studied with the scientific method, and a supernatural “soul” substance that defies all attempts at understanding or discovery with the scientific method.

    In my various intellectual pursuits, I have not found one scientist specializing in neurobiology or any philosopher specializing in philosophy of mind to uphold this idea of substance dualism.

    This is indeed a CRUSHING blow to religion in general, specifically Christianity, because the idea of an immortal soul is central to most religions.
    Let me be perfectly clear.

    Substance dualism is something very specific not to be confused at all with property dualism. The two are completely different.

    Hence, when one uses the non-specific term, “dualism” by itself, I am completely confused.

    Substance dualism entails belief in souls while property dualism does not. Property dualists maintain that the mind emerges from the body, but that it is completely dependent on the physical substance of the body and not some mysterious ether.

    Hence, when one states, “there are many philosophers who are dualists,” he is as imprecise as saying “there are many philosophers who have philosophies”. What kind of philosophy though? What kind of dualism?
    Andrew writes: “That being said, there is no reason to rule out philosophers of religion as not counting. Using a similar example, if I went to see a podiatrist and he told me that I had a concussion, I would listen to him. While he doesn’t study the exact field in question, he has relevant knowledge. Ruling out philosophers of religion is unfair.”

    I disagree. I see it as a matter of tool sets. Philosophers of mind and neuroscientists have the right “tools” to assess this question. Consider an astronomer who uses a microscope to study the stars. Wouldn’t work would it?

    Remember when the Catholic Church put Galileo on trial for his heretical beliefs on astronomy? They used the tool of the Bible to decipher the position of the Earth in the universe, whereas instruments that were capable of truly answering the question were in direct opposition.

    In sum, I find that philosophers of religion have NO relevant knowledge or tools on this subject.
    One answerer writes: “Allow me just to respond to that. The disappearance of substance dualism might not be as crushing a blow as you would think. After all, Christianity incorporates the idea of bodily immortality. Jesus was resurrected after all, and ascended to heaven to the right hand of the father in his earthly clay.”

    Hmmm… Then what is the holy spirit? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the trinity is composed of multiple components, including the immaterial spirit.

    Even if we are “resurrected” in bodily form, Christians still maintain that there is a “spirit” that is non-physical. If it requires a body… so what?

    Occum’s razor: Do not multiply entities beyond what is necessary.

    If we don’t need a “spirit” for our bodies to work, or our “spirit” is dependent on our bodies for existence, then are we just making things up? Perhaps the “mind” is simply an emergent property of the physical brain.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Scarfo
    Forgive me for answering, I know only a bit about philosophy, but it doesn’t stop me answering questions like this.

    How can CONSCIOUSNESS be substance? Perhaps a way of phrasing it is that the various parts of the brain (the physical) create an output/ energy (consciouness), such as you would equate with force or gravity.

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  • Pisces man and Virgo woman? Any success stories out there? Please don’t respond with ” Don’t live your life…?

    Question by kirkland321: Pisces man and Virgo woman? Any success stories out there? Please don’t respond with ” Don’t live your life…?
    based on astrology!” I’ve already heard it. This question is ONLY for followers of astrology! TY!

    Best answer:

    Answer by Sniff my dunghole!
    Opposites attract. But the Virgo might get annoyed by the Pisces’ dreamy nature.

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