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  • Is it just ignorance to think that “Wiccan” always equals “witch” and vice-versa?

    Question by ☠SinDelle Morte☠: Is it just ignorance to think that “Wiccan” always equals “witch” and vice-versa?
    With all talk of O’Donnell, I see people on here, as soon as the word “witch” is mentioned, they say, “Oh, Wiccans are great!” That’s fine and everything but Wicca is a branch of Paganism, like Baptist is a branch of Christianity. Witch does not always equal Wiccan. There are many other branches of Paganism and many practice witchcraft.

    Do people just not know this or are they trying to sound informed when they actually aren’t, or are only half-informed?

    Some include:

    Chaos Magician
    Mama Chi
    Golden Dawn
    Silva Mind Control
    @Chewy: Yes, we agree this time. And I agree, the sh!t was when she was in high school. Who really cares? She obviously knows nothing about it anyway. That should PROVE she is not a “witch” or a “Satanist.”
    @Scotty: Actually it’s “The Hermetic Order of” The Golden Dawn and was a well-known devil-worshipping (to summarize) order back in the day.

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    Answer by Tom Meddle
    its more that they just don’t care.

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  • What do you think a “spirit guide” is?

    Question by Celestis: What do you think a “spirit guide” is?
    I’ve heard many different theries…do you believe in any?

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    Answer by guyster
    wishful thinking run amok.

    Same reason for belief in heaven, bigfoot, space alien visitors, faith healing, dowsing, ad nauseum.

    Ever notice there’s not a single shred of tangible evidence for it all?

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  • Do proponents of the term “Neo-Wicca” think we have short memories?

    Question by LabGrrl: Do proponents of the term “Neo-Wicca” think we have short memories?
    I was there, in the 1980s, when the same British Traditional Witches who now wish to label Wicca as “Neo-Wicca” proclaimed that “real Witches” did not use the term Wicca, and that it was pronounced “Weesha” and that anyone who used the term Wiccan was a poseur.

    I was one of many people who said “Fine, then, Witches, we’ll take the term Wiccan, and you can stuff it. We won’t claim to be you people, and everyone can be happy.”

    If they think we’re giving up the term because their numbers are dwindling and ours are not, they can stuff that, too.
    David: Gardner was a plantation inspector, not a rubber planter, and as someone with a degree in Anthropology and coursework in the history of Anthropology, i can tell you that before WWII, anyone could claim the term, similar to “philosopher”

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    Answer by a -theo- ist says goodbye Debra
    With all due respect, I would advise you not to dwell on what makes you different and concentrate on the similarities.

    Divide and conquer. It’s been done a million times.

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  • Q&A: What do you think about “Wiccan” and what is it exactly?

    Question by Sopwith Camel: What do you think about “Wiccan” and what is it exactly?
    A couple of my friends claim that they are “wiccan”.
    One of my friends (we’ll call her Mary) says that her Wiccan beliefs mean that she worships the devil and witchcraft and all that stuff. She’ll openly argue that witchcraft is real (even in our catholic school with our catholic teachers). I mean, is she taking something that should be more of a general interest and turning it into a religion for herself?
    On the other hand, my friend (we’ll call her Pat) says that her religion is based around nature, and she “takes in” energy from nature, and contacts her own god from nature, and she calls this “Wiccan”. Is she also taking something she’s interested in and turning it into a belief/religion?
    Is it just me or are they being silly? Is “wiccan” actually a religion? Which one of these is the real belief of a wiccan follower? What do you all think???

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    Answer by Annabeth
    wikipeadia might have some stuff
    i think wiccan is a form of witches

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  • What do you think of the idea of “Christian Wicca”?

    Question by Mr. Niceguy: What do you think of the idea of “Christian Wicca”?
    OK, I’ve known a couple people who claimed to be both Christian and Wiccan at the same time. And recently I’ve even seen some pro- and con- articles about it. Here is a wikipedia article with links to them:

    Personally, I don’t see a problem with practicing more than one religion if the beliefs aren’t hostile (in this case, your interpretation of Christianity is very liberal). However, the two world views do contradict each other in many ways — implying one must be reinterpreted to fit the other. I don’t see any problem with these sorts of beliefs, but am not sure they’re really Wicca (and possibly not Christian either). I suspect part of the problem is the misconception that any witch is Wiccan and any magic user is a witch. Perhaps these people should try other magic and/or a different label.

    Anyway, that’s my view of it — what do you think? Does it make since to be a Christian and Wiccan? — or even practice “Christian Wicca”?
    Just to be clear, I expect that many conservative Christians will not believe its possible. The Criticism that really interested me was this one given by a witch:

    …since I had always taken Wicc to be non-exclusive, like Eastern religions, and expect most resistance to the idea to come from the Christian side.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Nandina
    I think if someone is following a spiritual path that makes sense to them and is fulfilling to them, and it draws from both Christianity and Wicca, that as long as they’re not hurting anyone why does it matter to anyone else what they call it?

    I know that they get flak from both sides, and it’s sad, because it’s supposed to be about their relationship with the Divine, not about appeasing a bunch of people who get hung up on labels.

    Most of the folks I’ve known who called themselves Christian Wiccans did so because their interpretations of the Divine – the aspects of God and Goddess that they honored – were taken from the Christian mythos. Not necessarily because they believed that Jesus was the Son of God and that he died for our sins.

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  • When you hear the word “wicca,” what is the first thing you think of?

    Question by Lori Mccrae: When you hear the word “wicca,” what is the first thing you think of?
    I’m currently writing a report on the true history of witchcraft, and I’m curious about people’s opinions on the subject. I’m also curious as to how many people actually know something about it and how many people blindly hold onto their opinions. I’m hoping for educated responses however.

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    Answer by gutbucket
    I think of nature-worshipping.

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