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  • Q&A: Spells from wicca followers?

    by rEn84

    Question by eriedolphin37: Spells from wicca followers?
    How would you know if your under either attack or a spell of a ‘wicca” believer/follower?

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    Answer by Matthew
    Your toenails curl up.

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  • An Introduction to Kitchen Magick

    An introduction to Kitchen Magick
    Video Rating: 4 / 5

    An extract 🙂 )O(

  • Wicca First Degree Lesson 2, Cosmology by Witch School

    The main body of Lesson 2 from Rev. Don’s Lessons for First Degree. Cosmology – God, the Universe, and Everything. The full video is available from
    Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • Basic questions on Wicca religion?

    Question by Katherine: Basic questions on Wicca religion?
    I just heard about this religion a few weeks ago and am wondering about it.
    Few basic questions I would like to be answered
    – Are you born into Wicca?
    – Is there a Wicca “mass” or something that resembles a weekly get-together?
    – What spells can be performed..examples specifically?
    – What do they believe in?
    – What is this thing with Wiccans and Satan?
    I’m just wondering more about this religion, so anything would help! I’d rather have actual answers instead of websites! Thanks!

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    Answer by Dan
    Modern “neopagans” are just a bunch of LARPers.

    The true Druidic arts should be taught from birth.

    Visit Newgrange and ask for Oigher Dubh.

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  • The religion Wicca, is it for Goths?

    Question by TrueVentus: The religion Wicca, is it for Goths?
    Well i have this friend and her religion is “Wicca” I search it up and i wonder they believe in god? Yes?

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    Answer by Ginger
    Only very young goths who don’t get out much.

    When they’re 30, they’ll have kids and allotments and ride their bikes a lot.

    It’s cute.

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  • Wicca chant: The leaves on the trees

    From the CD “Chanting II”, The Museum of Witchcraft


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