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  • Nice Wicca photos

    Check out these Wicca images:


    Image by Taliesinphoenix
    My altar decorated for Yule

    ritual in dark

    Image by greenhem

    full moon ritual

    Image by greenhem

  • Wicca Books Part 1

    Review of Books for beginners and not-so beginners Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practioner – Scott Cunningham Bucklands Complete Book of Witchcraft – Raymond Buckand Solitary Witch – Silver Ravenwolf Wicca, the Complete Craft – DJ Conway The Craft – Dorothy Morrison Wicca, a Year and a Day – Timothy Roderick Earth, Air, Fire & Water – Scott Cunningham Natural Witchery – Ellen Dugan Living Wicca- Scott Cunningham Out of the Broom Closet – Arin Murphey Hiscock Solitary Wicca for Life- Arin Murphy Hiscock Wicca for One – Raymond Buckland

  • How can I get “Wicca,” on my dog tags?

    Question by poor_little_antisaint27: How can I get “Wicca,” on my dog tags?
    I joined the Air Force and I leave for boot-camp on April 7th. I’m Wiccan, so when I was asked about my religion at MEPs, I wanted to select Wicca. They didn’t have my religion, so my only options were Athiest, Other, or No Preference Recorded. I went with Other, because it was the only one that fit. I’ve heard about many service members who actually have Wicca on their tags and listed in their files. I’ve even heard of people having Jedi Knight lol. Will I ever be able to get Wicca listed on my tags, like when I get to basic?

    Best answer:

    Answer by korgrue
    Select other, or Atheist.

    What your hearing is bull crap.

    Who cares what it says anyways. The only reason it is there is so they know if they should have a Christian, Jew, or Muslim blessing over your dead body.

    If you pick other, you have nothing to worry about.

    First thing you need to learn about the Military is, pick your battles wisely and dont call undue attention to yourself.

    Your time in service will be much easier on you.

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  • I find “wicca” to be very interesting. Somebody please explain it to me?

    Question by Mella: I find “wicca” to be very interesting. Somebody please explain it to me?
    I’m open to other religions other than my faith as Catholic that I was born as. I am open to any spiritual experience. Is wicca okay to practice? I don’t want to practice anything that will harm others or leave me open to the possibility of coming into contact with bad spirits, etc.
    okay just to get something straight-i dont want to look into this because im trying to rebel, sleep around, or do whatever the hell i want. basically i just was looking for a different spiritual experience, and could use it to help others.

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    Answer by Religious renegade
    It is satan worship

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  • Is Wicca “New Age”?

    Question by prairiecrow: Is Wicca “New Age”?
    Hello, all:

    On one of the communities I belong to over on LiveJournal, there’s some discussion about the New Age and how it meshes with Neo-Pagan practice.

    So: In your opinion, is Wicca part of the New Age cluster of beliefs? Is any other form of Neo-Paganism part of that cluster? If so, why? If not, why?

    As always, thank you to everyone who takes the time to respond.
    To Trish JPA… actually, Wicca has only been around since the early part of the 20th century. The “Wicca is ancient” claim has been pretty thoroughly debunked by historians. I highly recommend “The Triumph of the Moon” by Ronald Hutton if you ever want to investigate the roots of the faith.

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    Answer by Karen

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  • can anybody give me info on “wicca?”?


    Question by starla: can anybody give me info on “wicca?”?
    Iwould like some information on wicca please and thank you ; )

    Best answer:

    Answer by DougDoug_
    Its a religion thats about 50 years old. It revolves around a more feminine and nature-oriented view of life. Godesses and trees and such

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