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  • What is exactly is “Wicca”?

    Question by Mother Superior Jump The Gun For I Am The Walrus: What is exactly is “Wicca”?
    What are their beliefs and practices?

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    Answer by Jackie
    Harry Potter stuff.

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  • Did Wicca “create” any beliefs?

    Question by INTJ Matt: Did Wicca “create” any beliefs?
    Did the earliest forms of Wicca include any new beliefs or are all they all taken from various religions and beliefs around the world?

    I am studying Wicca to possibly become Wiccan but want to make sure Wicca is right for me and not another Pagan religion.
    No where did I bash Wicca; read the question.
    Making sure that all the beliefs in Wicca are borrowed from the older religions and beliefs; and that nothing was new but compiled. I would say no to Wicca then most likely.

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    Answer by ☮† brwnsugr †☮
    I guess if I were Wicca, I wouldn’t believe I created my beliefs, but rather I discovered the truth.

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  • Q&A: What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “wicca”?

    Question by TheWonderer878398: What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “wicca”?
    no preaching please

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    Answer by fire
    witchcraft, witches, pagan rituals

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  • Wicca: Lets Start at the Beginning

    The first lesson is an over-view of the origin of this religion.


  • What are the Wicca “specializations”?

    Question by Lily: What are the Wicca “specializations”?
    I can’t remember them all, there’s gemstones and then herbs…. Anyway, I’d like a list and Google has failed me (for once).
    *sigh* All I want to know is a list of things you can study in wicca people. I just phrased it weird.

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    Answer by Sunshyne
    idk weird try ask .com

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  • How do YOU pronounce “wicca”?

    Question by Cynemund: How do YOU pronounce “wicca”?
    I am just curious, but how do YOU pronounce it, and why?

    I think the way laguage is used is very telling. Please go into as much detail as you like.
    I am simply curious. I know how it is supposed to be pronounced, and I know how many pronounce it today. I was just curious if there was any variation in the pagan and heathen communities.

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    Answer by Maurog
    I pronounce it “vikka” and “vikkan”, is it wrong?

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