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  • Guest column: Instructor reflects on what yoga is

    Guest column: Instructor reflects on what yoga is
    I believe that yoga is a spiritual discipline that draws you closer to God." There are many books and yoga DVD's available for Christ-centered yoga and meditation. If you like yoga, but struggle with how to connect it to your faith, consider these …
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    Excusez-Moi, Parlez-Vous Yoga?
    … a spiritual context: a Westernized interpretation of the sacred Sanscrit texts. In recent years, the yoga boom has spilled from the US into other parts of the world, particularly European and Asian cities. American yoga teachers are traveling, …
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  • Help with the Sattvic, or “yoga” diet…?

    Question by firegirl365: Help with the Sattvic, or “yoga” diet…?
    For New Year’s, I am extremely serious about getting myself healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am at a point in my life where I can begin to make both physical and spiritual changes to reach a deeper peace within. I want to begin by meditation, yoga, and an attempt to shed unwanted weight and stress on my body. I really want to try a Sattvic diet, the traditional diet of yogis. Is this a good way to start my physical and mental cleansing? Is it a good way to lose weight? Any information on it would be helpful and I will chose a best answer! Thank you in advance!

    Best answer:

    Answer by funnysam2006
    That could be a sudden and lot of change if your current diet is “normal” wester diet.
    Start with becoming vegetarian, eating lots of fruits,salads, lots of water and then slowly move towards a more sattvic diet.

    Sudden changes may not be acceptable to your body and taste buds.

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  • Bhakti Yoga for Spiritual Enlightenment – Devotional Bhajan

    HAMSA-YOGA.ORG Himalayan Master Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath. The flavor of devotion in India, called bhakti. Details about Anandamayi Ma, Mahavatar Babaji (Shiva-Goraksha-Babaji), and the Avatars of the Himalayas. The knowing of a true master. ***Yogiraj is considered an illumined living master and solar seer, and helps sincere practitioners of yogic meditation awaken to higher levels of consciousness through chakra awakening and esoteric practices of Himalayan yoga. Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath was born on May 10, 1944 in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India. He has been meditating since the age of 3, and spent his early years in the Himalayas amongst the HamsaNath yogis, in whose presence he was transformed. The divine transformation flowered after his deep and personal experiences in 1961 and 1967 with the yogi-christ Mahavatar Shiv-Goraksha-Babaji, the same spiritual master described in Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi. He has a wife of 30+ years, Gurumata Shivangani, with whom he built by hand the Hamsa Yoga Sangh Ashram (Spiritual Retreat) outside the city of Pune, near Bombay, India. They have two sons, and two grandchildren. Yogiraj teaches yogic meditation for the evolution of human consciousness. These perennial practices of yoga are the most ancient closely guarded sacred practices of the Himalayan yogis and masters from time immemorial. They help the practitioner gradually transform him/herself into the likeness of his/her own divinity. This ancient art and

  • Yoga Oasis – Yoga Oasis Hawaii Podcast

    Yoga Oasis – Yoga Oasis Hawaii Podcast
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  • Why is Kundalini Yoga different than other Yogas? Gurucharan Singh explains why Kundalini yoga is different than other kinds of yoga

    thebereancall(dot)org Cover Article segment of the Search the Scriptures Daily program. For more information and related topics, please visit the web site. Thanks for viewing!
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  • How to Learn The Basics of Yoga


    Yoga is about focusing your energy into constructive channels. And the name of an individual who follows the teachings of yoga is known as a “yogi.” There are actually several different types of yoga:

    Karma yoga focuses on giving of oneself without expecting any reward.

    Jnana yoga is a philosophical approach to unveiling the illusions of the world.

    Bhakti yoga focuses on channeling emotional energy into one’s spiritual practice.

    Rhaja yoga focuses on concentration and mind control. It is within rhaja yoga that we find Hatha yoga, the physical practice, which most people practice as a form of exercise. As there are many styles of dance, so are there many forms of Hatha yoga. Current popular styles include (but are not limited to):

    – Gentle yoga, which is sometimes also called by the generic name “hatha yoga.” This usage of “hatha” is debatable. Some believe the term should only be used to refer to the general idea for all physical yogas, while others use it colloquially to refer to the gentler style. In Gentle yoga, the focus is on long stretches and flexibility, with slow, deep breathing (yogic breathing is known as “Pranayama”). This can be very soothing for the mind. It is the kind of mellow style most people picture when they think of yoga.

    – Kundalini yoga works on the premise that the body has eight “chakras.” Through use of “breath of fire” (rapid breathing), one can heat up the body from the bottom up, eventually “raising kundalini” to achieve a feeling of high enlightenment.

    – Power yoga is also known by the Sanskrit term Vinyasa yoga (a “vinyasa” is a series of rapid movements which warm up the body all over). This is a very active form of yoga, in which a person moves quickly through the poses (called “Asanas”), not holding them as long as in other styles. It is virtually guaranteed that you will sweat a lot in this; it is not for the faint of heart and gives a real challenge to the muscles.

    Written by chhikara
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    Free Download and DVD Click: Click for DVD – .95 for 2 great classes In order to have all round good health, we must have proper digestion and elimination. For many people today, bowel health is an issue, especially those who do not get enough exercise, sit for too long and practice poor nutrition . Improper diet and elimination can lead to such conditions as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), gas, bloating, constipation or loose bowels. This Kundalini set (kriya) is designed to massage the intestines and digestive organs, to stimulate digestive fire and improve elimination and bowel health. If you want to increase the intensity of this kriya, practice each posture for a couple of minutes longer than indicated on the video make sure you practice all postures equally for maximum effect. Duration: 37 min. Teacher: Setareh Riahi

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