25 thoughts on “How I Dry My Herbs

  1. my basil is gigantic too but i cant seem to keep thyme alive…ive tried sun, shade, partial, lots of water, little water….they just hate me lol…how do you keep yours alive? lol

  2. What kind of basil is that? is that mammoth basil? I really like the look of it 🙂

  3. i like your video. im going to start growing my own herbs soon. Can i dry them in a food dehydrator? or is that too much heat at one time? thank you!

  4. You are a woman of many talents – is there anything you don’t do????

    You are very inspirational!

  5. WOW! I really want to get my herbs growing good again. They all died either over the winter or when it got hot here and we didn’t have much rain (I’m in Florida) 🙁
    I had basil, banana peppers, mint, thyme, and I can’t remember what else. I loved my herb garden, but it’s so freakin’ hot here.
    What time of year did you plant your seeds? Do you fertilize them and if so, with what?

  6. NICE!
    I love when people can grow their own spices and vegetables. I would love to do that if ANYTHING grew in this damn desert! lol


  7. yay, thanks, great suggetions!! That makes complete sense to me. I’m guilty, that’s why…lol. This has turned into a help forum…LOL!

  8. Sage doesn’t like wet soil. i only water mine like every 3-4 days. Don’t let it go bone dry, but the roots will rot easily if you keep it too wet. Also, they like lots of sun! Make sure they have good drainage too! I like to put rocks in the bottom of my sage pots before i put dirt in it to make sure they drain well.

  9. My rosemary is doing awesome. My sage NEVER lives:( Any suggestions with sage?

  10. im in an apartment and you can grow a tomato plant in 5gal bucket!! Im even growing eggplant in a bucket! Most of my herbs are in hanging baskets. If you have a container and some dirt..you can grow shit in it! In fact if you put shit in it, it grows better!

  11. I have an enclosed patio, and the squirells dont bother them. My mint, rosemary, chives, thyme and basil are in a big hanging basket.

  12. LOL!…I just started growing mint, jalapenos, chives, oregano and sweet basil. It’s a lot of work, but since I live in an apt complex, I dont have a big yard to be able to plant other stuff like tomatoes. But your veggies look really nice and healthy.

  13. Thanks so much. I am so weird about it. I wish I could just pick them and go! lol. I see racoons in my garden, so I know I cant.

  14. i mist mine with a spray bottle of water every morning and wehn I harvest them I rinse them gently and let them air dry.

  15. herbs, especially basil, love you. That is huge! Mine never grew like that. okay, do u wash your herbs? If so with what and do you do it when the herb is in whole plant form?

  16. Oooo What kind of seed? I LOVE seeds, I rarely buy plants..I like starting from seed.

  17. When I buy my organic seeds again, I dont mind sending you some!! yay. sharing:)

  18. Ive been a “gardener” since I was old enough it poke a seed in the dirt with mom! I LOVE it!! I am always looking for herbs and flower seeds. I’m a hunt for some lavender seed…lol

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