Comfrey Oil: How to make herbal remedies Comfrey oil can be used to make herbal remedies, such as comfrey herbal oil. Uses of comfrey include sprain home remedy and bruise remedy. This video shows how to make herbal remedies using comfrey oil.

15 thoughts on “Comfrey Oil: How to make herbal remedies

  1. So I tried making this oil, I did everything right, but now it smells like pond. Is it bad? Or does it naturally smell nasty?

  2. you say comfrey is easier to identify when it’s in flower…not being funny but it is very easy to tell comfrey regardless.

  3. where did you get the plastic lids to fit the mason jar? sorry if you already talked about this

  4. How would you keep the slime from macereed (cattail).So it can be used for burn and wot-not???

  5. Dry the herbs before mixing with oil. Hang the leaves in a dark, dry, cool place away from metal.
    Leaves will crumble and twigs;stems will snap when your herb is ready. Oxygen from the water in plants is best avoided.
    Store your oil in dark glass and refrigerate if high in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Make small batches frequently and always label them.

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