Anything that you really want in life you must first detach yourself from it.  It almost sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it?  If I want it, how can I detach myself from it so that I can get it?

    The secret lies in bypassing your ego.  Don’t want something for ego’s sake.  Don’t want that million dollar house or expensive new car just so others can see you.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have those things or enjoy those things.  It just means that you have to know having them doesn’t make you superior or a more special person.

    Stop seeing life as a struggle to gain more and more and more.  As if the more you gain the more security it will bring you.  It won’t.  In fact you may find the opposite.  The more you gain and the more you are attached to your gains the more insecure you will feel.  Not only will you still want more but if you become overly attached you may fear the loss of what you have “gained.”

    You can not search and find security.  It is already in you if you want it.

    Deepak Chopra in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success says, “Without detachment we are prisoners of helplessness, hopelessness, mundane needs, trivial concerns, and seriousness—the distinctive features of everyday mediocre existence and poverty consciousness.”

    They key to detachment is being aware of your higher self and a higher purpose.  Don’t get caught up in the “how it will happen” and “when it will happen.”  Know that by detaching yourself you are opening yourself up to an infinite amount of possibilities just ready to bring to you that which you desire.  Don’t limit you self to your vastly insufficient, finite, ego driven mind. 

    The following steps are paraphrased from Deepak Chopra’s, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.  Use these steps to apply the Law of Detachment in your life.

    1.  Allow yourself and those around you to be as they  are.  Do not impose your idea of how things should be. Do not force solutions on problems, thereby creating new problems.

    2.  Factor uncertainty as an essential ingredient of your experience.  Then notice how solutions will spontaneously emerge out of the problem, out of the confusion, disorder and chaos.  The more uncertain things seem to be the more secure you will feel. 

    3.  Step into the field of all possibilities and experience all the fun, adventure, magic and mystery of life.

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