While that may be a picturesque and ideal scene to many, most people don’t have that luxury of time and garden space. The lack of time and garden area should not be the cause for discouragement. There are several useful medicative herbs that can be grown in small spaces and/or even in containers. Here are a few herbs that you can grow in your home.

    1. Rosemary can be grown in a pot. During the winter season, it can be grown indoors. This herb not only enhances taste of food, but it is also a powerful antioxidant with the rosmarinic acid it contains. It also has compounds that uplifts your mood and help keep your mind keen.

    2. Lemon balm is another easy herb to grow – in fact, it is advisable to grow it in a container is advisable since it has a tendency to take over a garden or yard. It is an antiviral herb that is known to help ward off colds and flu.

    3. Fennel is a perennial herb that can be planted and easily grow in your yard. Its feathery foliage paired with its licorice-like scent makes it a pleasant herb to have around. It may be planted by your front porch or near the back door. Fennel is known to increase milk flow for breastfeeding mothers, and it can also help treat gas pain and upset stomach.

    4. Lavender is another herb that can be grown in containers if you don’t have a yard. It favors a sunny and almost dry environment. The scent of lavender flowers is well known as a relaxant which also promotes sleep.

    5. Bee balm (Monarda) is a perennial herb that can thrive either in sunny or shaded areas, but it prefers a partially shaded area. This plant is used to create a savory, memory-enhancing tea. Its flavor is somewhat close to bergamot that is also used in Earl Grey tea, which is why bee balm is occasionally called bergamot.

    6. Mints are very easy to grow. They can thrive in containers or on open soil. All mints are good digestive aids, and mountain mint is can effectively repel insects.

    7. Basil grows easily in pots or open ground, but cannot tolerate the cold weather. You may either have to plant new basils annually or take your potted basils indoors before the winter season arrives. Basil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

    8. Oregano can sprawl on the ground or thrive well in a pot. Bees find its pink blooms attractive. Oregano is rich in antioxidants and it has antibacterial properties.


    Yours, Mine and Ours

    “Is that right, YOUR going to grow some tomatoes”. Now, knowing I am the official and only gardener of our grounds, this was an interesting desire on his part as we both know exactly how he was going to accomplish this effort.

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