How To Dream Recall

    Most people don’t know it, but we have a lot more than one dream a night. Dream recalling is the act of subconsciously waking up after each dream. You can then remember the dream and write it down. The reason for dream recalling is the pleasure of having so many dreams a night.


    1. Relax before you go to sleep. You can deep-breathe, do stretches, yoga, anything to relax you before you go to bed. Go to bed at your usual time.
    2. Keep a dream journal. Keep a pen and journal near you before you go to bed. Don’t put it in the bed with you, or else you might stab yourself.
    3. It’s time to tell your subconscious you will dream recall. Repeat to yourself “I will go to sleep and wake up after each dream. I will remember it, write it down and go back to sleep.”, or something along those lines. If you can’t do this, record yourself saying it and listen to it over and over again before you go to sleep. After about 5-10 minutes of repeating this, you should enter a really sleepy stage called the borderline sleep level, and this is the optimum time to repeat the above statements. This is the part where your subconscious will listen to you and you will dream recall.
    4. When you wake up, you should remember the dream. There may be times where you might just think your dream was a thought or scenario you had in your head, and not actually a dream. This isn’t true, and yuo must write it down as a dream anyway. Write down the dream in detail in your journal, put your pen and paper back down and go back to sleep.
    5. Repeat. The average person has about 10-15 dreams a night, but don’t worry if you have more or less. Thanks to yourself subconsciously telling yourself you will dream recall, you should wake up after each and every dream. In the morning, you can look over and read what you dreamt about, maybe even remember it and have an all around pleasurable experience.


    * Try experimenting with eating different things before you go to bed, such as dairy produce, carbohydrates, etc. You may find that you have more realistic, enjoyable or better dreams.
    * This is an opening to witchcraft and wicca. If you are interested in learning these, it suggests that you dream recall for at least a month, in order to get used to it and manipulating your subconscious.


    * You might lose sleep dream recalling. The pleasure of experiencing so many dreams should be enough reason to do it, but it is a good idea not to dream recalling, and in doing so, lose sleep if you are, for example, studying for exams or doing something important.

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