Things You’ll Need:

    Paper (or a Book of Shadows or journal to record everything in and to keep useful information found along the way for future spellwork).
    Different coloured pens.
    Access to the internet or other resources (in order to find out the meanings of crystals or correspondences).
    Creativity and a desire to create.

    Firstly, figure out or decide exactly what the nature/intention of the spell will be (what is it that you hope to achieve, find, aim for etc).
    The “intention” of the spell working needs to be clear (i.e. “I want more happiness in my life” or “I want to find a new job” etc).
    It helps to have some paper close by to record all your ideas and intentions. Parchment is good for the end product and recording of your spell.

    What does the spell require? What “ingredients” will be needed in order to carry out the spell to fruition?
    It may be that there is a requirement for a particular herb, colour, crystal, candle and so on. If you have access to the internet or a library of information on the particular “correspondences” that may be attached to a certain colour or day of the week here is where you need to dive in and locate what you want (i.e. what colour ink will you require to pen a spell regarding wealth and prosperity or if designing a love spell you may need pink and red as the colours (this isn’t just in relation to ink but for crystals, candles, etc).
    Magic, paganism, wicca all put a heavy emphasis on symbols and so you can use particular objects in relation to spells as well for example in a love spell you could use sweets and pink ribbon or in a wealth spell you could use some coins, basically anything that is significant to the spell intentions.

    Timing of the spell is a crucial factor just as the right type of incense or crystal would be. It is best to research and find out what days of the week or which phases of the moon will best aid the working of the spell (this may not always apply but the knowledge will be invaluable regardless).

    Next decide on the wording of your spell “incantation”(sometimes a chant in the form of a poem or rhyme – this is a handy way of recording a spell as it aids in memory retention) if there is to be anything spoken.

    It could be that the spell involves contemplation and meditation on specific aims or things.

    Finally, record everything. It will be a handy record for keeping track of your spell as well as aiding in any future spell creation that you undertake.

    Try your spell out and allow it a set time frame to see if it is working (2 weeks up to a full month sometimes) before making any revisions or additions.

    Remember to send out only positive magic as it will come back to you threefold (*it would be wise to research and understand what the threefold rule is).

    Tips & Warnings

    Research corresponding days of the week, phases of the moon, crystals and symbol meanings in advance.
    Keep a record of your research for use in your next spell creation.
    Always be aware of the threefold rule.
    Only practice positive magic not negative (unless you are undertaking a binding but even then the person needs to be aware of what they are sending out.

    Written by ArchangelKlee


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