How did “country dweller” (“pagan”) come to mean “non-christian”?

Question by Crazy Pirate (((zilla))): How did “country dweller” (“pagan”) come to mean “non-christian”?
Is it just that christianity was the new, hip, city-slicker religion? or something more insidious?

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Answer by The Dude
When you indoctrinate an area, you start with the population centers. The country dwellers are a lower priority, and thus get indoctrinated last.

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3 thoughts on “How did “country dweller” (“pagan”) come to mean “non-christian”?

  1. pagan doesn’t mean non-christian. i’ve always been told it’s the word for polytheistic people. the dictionary says: you’re right, non-christian or atheist. crazy. i didn’t know that until just now.

  2. Well I think it was because the “country dwellers” were not Christian, but followed what we now consider to be pagan.

  3. Because Paul evangelized through the highways of Rome, leading to the urban areas. They converted first, leaving the country areas last. Hence the link.

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