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    Article by Susan Russo

    “Every thought we think is creating our future.”
    -Louise L. Hay

    Your thoughts are the beginning of creating anything in your life. Our beliefs mold our experiences. When you tune into what it is you believe about any given situation; you will understand why your life moves in the direction of that belief. Whatever it is you think about is what you will attract to yourself. So, as you acquire the knowledge about the “art of creating”; you will gain the power to change any circumstance in your life.

    First you need to decide what it is you would like to create; a better body, a more loving relationship, a new career, financial security, a new attitude, peace of mind, or a home on the beach. It all starts with making a choice. These choices are what goals are made of; they give you a road map to reach your destination and they put you on a path to attaining your desires.

    Clearly defining what you want will allow you to begin to consciously focus your thoughts on your intentions. You will actually start to see more of whatever it is you want come into your view. Let’s say you want a home on the beach; suddenly you will start to see movies with beach scenes, people will begin to talk about vacations to exotic places, or magazines you read will feature beach homes. You may think this is a coincidence but as you purposefully direct your thoughts to what you desire; you will attract more of it into your life. This is called the “Law of Attraction.”

    Next, you must picture yourself living what you want to experience. See yourself walking down the beach, imagine having a glass of wine by the pool while watching the sunset and feel the ocean breeze touching your skin as you entertain your closest friends. Create in your mind the delicious feeling of having realized your dreams of living on the beach. As you paint a vivid picture in your mind; wrap your emotions around these images; and you will break down the barriers of time.

    Consistency, commitment and discipline in continually training your thoughts to think about what you desire, backed by your passion to attain it; will manifest your dreams into reality. The key is that you have to be dedicated to and have the passion to do what it takes to create your truest desires. By taking time each day to focus on whatever it is you want to create; will put you well on your way to experiencing it.

    Stay true to yourself. Use your mind to create a whole new world and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Creation is the artistic side of your mind. Begin to design your life and what you want to experience; by implementing the “art of creating” into your life.

    Read more about it at: Susan Russo is the President of Pinnacle Thought Inc. Publisher for books and resources which provide inspiration and self-empowerment to help move you toward personal success and fulfillment. She is editor of “You’ve Got Power” Ezine. Author of “The 7 Keys To Unlock the Power Within You” and “There Is Life After What’s-His-Name” found at: Copyright 2006

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