Question by Mãtthew: How does a person use meditation to reach “Kundalini”?

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    Answer by D700 Doug
    Kundalini is a journey not a destination. you meditate for the sake of meditation and if you reach Kundalini then it is good, if you do not, that is also good.

    Do not spend your time searching for it just accept it if you do find it.

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    1. Its not a matter of reaching Kundalini its a matter of ascending the Kundalini serpent to pierce the 7 main chakras. The Kundalini (if you feel you are ready) can be awakened through Kundalini yoga and use of Chakra Chants. This meditation Is the one that awakened kundalini for me. I must warn you though that it is not something you want to do unless you know that you are ready and know void meditation.

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