17 thoughts on “What is Spiritual Healing ?

  1. A Day in the Park…Not a Visitor of the Park…but, becoming the bird, trees, grass, etc..then healing begins.. To Heal means to Kneal…

  2. I would love to know more about Spiritual Healing. I have your new CD on Healing and I love it. I have had CFS for over 26 years and am on quest for healing through hypnosis, and learning meditation, THank you Deepak

  3. Thank you for this great intel Deepak, yes, more Homeostasis for everyone please. Namaste.

  4. @TheOverfiendDj lets put our energy into sharing what spiritual healing can do . 🙂

  5. @MrDavidmacarthur Well ive learned from people who are much more highly developed spiritually than i am.That Spiritual healing is not some kind of super power that can heal all disease.If it was then we would never die

  6. @90JFB check your channel out, your not even coming from a scientific stance. As for the question “Has there ever been any concrete evidence, anywhere, ever, that this spiritual healing nonsense actually works?” I would suggest talking to a scientist an sharing that info on this subject. I’m sure others would appreciate your participation.

  7. @TheOverfiendDj It’s great to hear your personal development in regards to spiritual healing and it’s effects on the immune system, I would love to learn more about this subject. As for your statements on the limitations of this practise, this is your personal experience of your perceived limitations.

  8. I believe that the causal role of consciousness in physical health will become increasingly acknowledged in mainstream medicine with gathering speed. Just 25 years ago, the ‘mind body connection’was just comiing of age, in mainstream circles, wherein 5 years from now, direct treatment of the psycho-emotional cause of illness will be practiced in ways that would have seemed like fairy tales a decade or two ago. Please do discuss, further, the role of Love:’Vitamin ‘L’ – the essential nutrient ; )

  9. @davidchilderly: you got it :): all disease in the body comes from negative emotion: a body not at ease 🙂 Once at ease, it creates its own beautiful remedies!

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