A few nice John Donne images I found:

    Go and Catch a Falling Star

    Image by garlandcannon
    Go and catch a falling star,
    Get with child a mandrake root,
    Tell me where all past years are,
    Or who cleft the Devil’s foot,
    Teach me to hear mermaids singing,
    Or to keep off envy’s stinging,
    And find
    What wind
    Serves to advance an honest mind.
    — JohnDonne

    Created for Flaming Pear’s It’s All About 12 challenge at www.flickr.com/groups/flamingpear/discuss/72157628652673761/

    Source thanks to grietje haitsma: pattern desin design at www.flickr.com/photos/grietje_haitsma/3406589668/

    Brushes courtesy of obsidian dawn at www.obsidiandawn.com/brushes-categories

    Textures thanks to the following:
    1. golden stars by pareeerica www.flickr.com/photos/8078381@N03/5038118701/
    2. star gaze nacnud www.flickr.com/photos/duncanjohnston/5189516647/

    The Dome, North Greenwich 11-02-08

    Image by DG Jones
    I took almost exactly the same walk nearly a year ago.

    John Donne 1573 – 1631

    Image by J Mark Dodds a shadow of my future self


    Yours, Mine and Ours

    “Is that right, YOUR going to grow some tomatoes”. Now, knowing I am the official and only gardener of our grounds, this was an interesting desire on his part as we both know exactly how he was going to accomplish this effort.

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