How is it that Yoga is a spiritual exercise?

Question by : How is it that Yoga is a spiritual exercise?
What is the relationship between the person and God that involves Yoga exercise?

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Answer by BabeHart
When properly taught, yoga is a mind and body practice, not just some physical exercise…what spiritual gains a person gets from it, depends on the person and their own spirituality…

At the least, it is a great (IMO) practice for becoming more relaxed, flexible, physcially toned, and centered within oneself…since I’m agnostic, I don’t relate it to any particular diety/dieties…

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  1. Yoga is a practice of unifying mind, body and spirit. When these three things are aligned, a person naturally feels more connected to “God”, which is not just someone or something outside of oneself (when you focus on the “outer God” then you miss that part of us that is “God” as well), but, rather, the force within us that is enabled us to grow, live, breathe, etc. We don’t normally experience “God” in normal consciousness because our minds, our emotions and our bodies are filled with thoughts, stress, and chaos. Yoga helps to let go of the chaos and noise by unifying breath/spirit with the mind, allowing it to empty and become peaceful, and moving the body in unison, allowing it to relax and let go of its tension.

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