Question by cutie pie..: can i make a home made hand sanitizer with the use of any herbal plant rather than aloe Vera?
    please make your answers simple, I’m just 12, and I need it for a science project..

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    Answer by boundlessearth
    The kitchen alone is chock full of stuff that is antibacterial etc.. However Aloe is nice as it has the gel ready to use etc.. Soaking herbs like thyme, oregano, basil, and mints in water, alcohol, or oil base (like olive oil) creates an infusion with active properties. This could be added to a bottle and squirted like dish soap I suppose, would need experimentation. Lastly, rubbing your hands with lemon balm, thyme, etc.. fresh from the garden leaves them smelling fresh & clean. The moisture in the mint/balms is nice for tha hands. Calendula is emollient like aloe and great for skin. Rose petal water is nice, Echincea is strong antibac etc.

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    1. The best germ-killing ingredient in most sanitizers you can buy, is alcohol ( ethanol or isopropyl alcohol ca 60-70% ). You should have some at home for desinfication/cleaning of wounds. Look for its percentage, dilute it with boiled, cooled down water, take about 180 ml and add 20 ml glycerin ( prevents skin to dry out too much ), about 20 drops eucalyptus-, mint- or tea-tree-oil ( for smell and magnified effect ) and your home made sanitizer is ready.
      If you take ethanol, I think, it`s “herbal”, for this alcohol is produced from potatoes or other starch containing plants and the essential oils are “herbal” too.
      If you don`t find any isopropyl alcohol or ethanol for external use ( cheeper, no taxes on it ), you also can take a distilled schnaps, high in alcohol content like vodka, but that should be more expensive than to buy a sanitizer.
      BTW in former times, when Aloe vera was not commonly used like now, people took an exstract of comfrey leaves to effect the same purpose

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