Yoga Music – Sun Salutation

This could be your perfect music to start the day: listen and smile! For me it’s a nice “wake up” track. I like to do a short yoga session in the morning while listening to this track. Enjoy smooth relaxing beautiful music, no words, a gentle instrumental. This is slow and peaceful…
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21 thoughts on “Yoga Music – Sun Salutation

  1. Observe yOurself as the breath with eyes closed until breath is the smallest , not focusing on breath but spiral light wave that becOMes ONe and presents itself as a window that gets bigger and goes all around you , within so without , as above so below this flow is one without direction , frOM tHE cENter of ALL BEING

  2. before i was born i could see , ONe never loses the sight when ONe is aWAre of ITSELF 🙂

  3. know yourself , the breath is the life , simply breath , there is no master , just simply being what it already is , it needs not consult the external agencies religion ritual , it is already what it is within so without no sepeRAtiON

  4. Shiva SYMBOLICALLY means ” consciousness” in Sanskrit but literally a “The SEWing one” (of the net; of Brahma; JIVA-loka; this is “Alive paradise”

    Jiva, Shiva, Zhiva in Slavic also means “Alive” and Shivat – To sew (similar as in English)…

    The consciousness comes with the incarnation and formation of the DNA through the torsion of the cells (materialization, genetic (DNA) memory; a measurement of the frequencies and self-appear…

  5. what do you mean, “scale it”? I’ve stopped meditating because these things were getting a little out of control. I’m not interested in siddhis, but low and behold, there they are.

  6. namaste
    might be their thoughts 🙂 you are seeing their intellect forming ideas and thoughts,if you arent lying you can scale it and probably read minds and help people always use your abilities for good

  7. I’m not good with the names of chords. I just play what sounds good to my ears. But A#/F/d/a comes close to it. Hope this helps a bit. 

  8. Hey Michael, what chords have you used for this song? I love this song and I would like to be able to play this on my guitar!

    Your music is great and I’m using your playlist to study for my exams. 🙂

  9. I’ve been using this video for my morning wake-up routine everyday, and just listened to it today before heading into a really hard exam…. it was fantastic! My stress just melted away and I was so pumped up to write the test. I feel like I did great on the exam – thank you soooo much! <3

  10. Thank you so much for this song. I’ve been using it to do a short yoga session just after waking up for a week now. The length is perfect and the beginning is very good for slowly easing a half sleeping body into a sun salutation.

  11. I’m glad, that it worked for you! This track is quite undiscovered here on YouTube, but i like it a lot, too 😉

  12. Michael, this is just beautiful. I used it to meditate this morning. Thank you! Namaste =)

  13. Thank you. I’ll consider it (probably do one)!
    But actually I don’t think that I have some good playing skills. Recording the guitar is really hard work for me. It takes me up to 100 takes to get a line right… and there are multiple lines in most of my instrumentals. I think 99% of guitar players are better than me. But it’s coo,l when in the end there are people who like the result… It could be that my strength is in trying and working on something until it, at least, sounds OK… 🙂

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