Question by Bryan: How was asthma treated before inhalers were invented?
    How was asthma treated before inhalers were invented?

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    Up until about the 1930’s and 40’s asthma was considered a psychological condition. It was beleived it was caused by stress and depression, the asthma attack was thought to be the same as a panic attack.

    Terment usually involved what were called “talking cures”. A person suffering from asthma would be expected to lie down, relax, and slowly talk themselves through the attack, basically relaxtion techniques. Those with enough money would seek psychiatric treatment from a psychologist to help.

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    1. The consumption of vitamins particularly C&E and minerals such as magnesium supplements can dilate the bronchial tubes facilitating breathing and expelling the majority of ‘stale air’ that can amount in asthma suffers. Also the consumption of ginseng as been known to have anti-inflammatory properties and omega-3 to reduce the swelling in the lungs.

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