How can I get started with meditation?

Question by Sam: How can I get started with meditation?
I have no experience with meditation, so I wanna know how I can get started with it. Are there are any good guided meditation CDs or anything of the sort?

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Answer by use your brain
just sit. silent. close your eyes. and. thats all.

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  1. Find something to meditate on, ideally a positive thought, motivation, wish, feeling… tactile sensation of air at the tip of nostril as you breath is a good neutral object..
    Concentrate first in a conceptual way to “find” that thing, bring it into mind.
    once it is there, focus on it, simply observe it.
    Do not let yourself become distracted by anything.
    If you lose the object of meditation, or become numb or start thinking about random stuff, just aknowledge it, give no more thought to distraction and go back to your desired object of meditation.
    start over as many time as you need.
    with time you will be more stable, focused.
    Harder to distract and able to focus with increased attentiveness.
    lots of benefits to meditation
    good luck

  2. One thing you need to do is be able to let go of your body (so to speak) Finding a posture of balance that requires no effort on your brain or body is very helpful. If you feel any pain or tension in your back while sitting for a long time, you’re doing it wrong. A yoga instructor would be the best person to help you with this. For now though, lie on your back, feet uncrossed, use very small pillows to support your body if needed.

    As for the mind part, count to ten, without thinking of anything besides the number. This is a lot harder than it sounds. Every time you think of anything besides the number, start over. This will teach you to clear and focus your mind by eliminating all distractions.

  3. Select a place of total loneliness. Sit on the ground with empty mind. In other words, you should not think about anything. Close your eyes and concentrate on the powers of Almighty. Of course, there are CDs about meditation available in the market which can be of help to you. Regular practice will ease your tension and stress.

  4. Hello Sam, meditation by definition is that when thinking process stops meditation begins.
    What is thinking process? As you close your eyes you will be getting a chain of thoughts. Now you simply observe those thoughts without any appreciation or aversion. Simply observe them. As you do such an observation, then the thoughts would gradually cease and you will enjoy the state of thoughtless stage. This is true meditation.
    If you are really interested in being such thoughtless state,
    then daily morning and evening, two times a day, you simply close the eyes and observe.

  5. There are many different methods of meditation, but the simplest is to sit and pay attention to your breath, so you can begin to truly experience the present moment. One of my favorite methods is Tonglen Meditation, but for those who don’t visualize easily it may be a challenge.

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