Question by M: What are alternatives to mindfullness of breathing meditation?
    I have been practicing meditation sporadically for several years, and in recent months have been motivated to practice more deeply and consistently. However when I try to observe the breath – I find I stop breathing! I can’t simply be with the breath without exerting conrol, and I inevitably experience sensations of claustrophobia/suffocation. Could someone suggest an alternative method? Thanks.

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    Answer by William Blowfly
    Walking meditation, where you concentrate on every aspect of each step. I prefer breathing meditation but it is an alternative

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    1. if you want a mindfulness practice
      then you might try moving meditation.
      you meditate with your eyes open while observing movements.
      even monks who started doing it and had their doubts about it
      gave testimony about how they had great success with the practice after doing it for a while.

    2. I have personally never been a fan of breathing meditations… it might just be that numbers stress me out, even something as banal as counting. There are other ways to meditate. My school chants the Lotus Sutra and the title of the Lotus sutra as our main practice… you can stop to breathe whenever you need to. The main idea behind chanting is to give the “monkey mind” something to do… to keep that part of you distracted so that you can let go easier. The link on the bottom is just an example of what this sounds like. The first is Chapter 16 of the Lotus Sutra, a teaching that describes the eternal Buddha Shakyamuni, and the second one is a very simple chant it’s the title of the Lotus Sutra — not unlike doing a mantra practice.

      There are certainly other methods out there. This is just what works best for me. Pretty much anything that you can do mindfully can be a meditation. Cleaning, walking, eating, etc.

      Good luck!

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