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    Yours, Mine and Ours

    “Is that right, YOUR going to grow some tomatoes”. Now, knowing I am the official and only gardener of our grounds, this was an interesting desire on his part as we both know exactly how he was going to accomplish this effort.


    1. Thank you. You have done a great job. This is music and feeling at a
      different level. Thank you for sharing this with fellow human beings.

    2. XXX Thought is Precious XXX Thinking in it’s most part is Behavioral
      Activity. Behavioral Activity can be programmed. Using language as a mind
      software we permanently are repeating our desired goals through spoken
      words, just like a mantra. This way we are establishing a specific pattern
      of information and literally downloading as well as programming the
      subconscious mind, which in response will trigger the programmed action.
      Our subconscious mind works like a computer. It turns commands..

    3. Perhaps you were channeling your spirit guide or higher self. You could
      check out the book “Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide.”

    4. As long as you love me..who you are..where you’re from..what you are…As
      long as you love me..who you are..where you’re from..what you are…

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