The New Popularity of Astrology

by rEn84

Article by Jenie Hinaloc

Astrology has been a part of everyday life in America for some time, but not always so. The popularity of astrology has ebbed and waned for the last several thousand years in the Western world. Only in the last hundred years has astrology actually become popular once again in the Western world. On the other hand, has only been in the last twenty years that serious study of astrology has emerged in America.

Astrology actually made its debut in the Western world, thousands of years in Mesopotamia. The art of astrology came to Greece around 600 BC. The practice further spread throughout the Roman world, then abruptly disappeared.

With aging European “enlightenment”, also known as the Renaissance, astrology once more made an appearance in the Western world. The study of astrology and its use in everyday life became commonplace. However, early Christianity and religious leaders took place in astrology once more.

Astrology did not reappear on the scene until the late eighteen hundreds. During this time, two prominent astrologers came forward and began to publish information about their art. This practice came to America in early twentieth century, and then continued to spread.

In late 1930, the study of astrology became even more common in the United States with the publication of American Astrology, a magazine which offered the first detailed horoscopes. While the magazine itself did not remain in print for a long time, the study of astrology and American interests in art continued to flourish for some time. Horoscopes have appeared in major newspapers and later other print media since then.

However, the true art of astrology and the serious study of the stars were once again lost. In the sixties and seventies, serious astrologers once again came to light, and more people began taking the study of astrology seriously. This was the beginning of what is known as the New Age movement.

Over recent decades, the New Age movement has continued to evolve. The study of occult religions such as Wicca continues to encourage the exploration and use of astrology in the United States. Today, astrology is a very controversial topic in America for some and a way of life for others.

The popularity of astrology has grown significantly over the past twenty years. More and more people have turned to Wicca and the occult for answers that they feel have not been found in Christianity. In these religions people feel that they have more control over their lives. Astrology is a part or control. Used to plan ahead and make decisions in the present.

Books on the subject have also become common in the United States during the past twenty years. Books no longer cover simple horoscopes and zodiac signs. Books on astrology that actually teach the art of divination and astrology charts have become very common and popular. While some Christian groups still rile against the art, astrology is alive and well in America today

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Sports Astrology On Cricket

It is accepted by all astrologers and lovers of astrology that Mundane Astrology has been neglected and has not received its due alternation from the scholars of the Deviance Science. Be that as it May, and knowing that Mundance astrology is a difficult subject, and attempt is made on more principles as applicable to sports-astrology on cricket.
To start with it is necessary to signify the planets responsible for Cricket – the moose popular out-door to play. Apart from being representative of the ‘young (Kumar), the grassy-ground comes order its domain thought the sophisticating cutting of the grass and preparation of the ground for play gets to Mars and Venus. For a sportsman, Mars gives the necessary energy. The weather conditions have also to be looked and accordingly the sign of the Zodiac in which the configuration of planets takes place equally become important with reference to the dates of ply. The earthy signs and Airy sings are more important though dual signs become important though dual signs become important fro the ‘Toss’ to start with.
In Mundane Astrology, the 5th house is the representative of all places of amusement, entertainment and pleasure. All out-door sports would be looked from the 5th house. This also becomes the source of excitement. This also becomes the source of excitement. This astrological principle is established in the case of Azharuddin, Capt. Of the Indian team World Cup, 1996. He has Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Ketu in the 5th house aspected by the Moon, Mars and Rahu. The Moon in own sign with Budda-Aditua Yoga gave the needed strength to the native. (DOB -08.02.1963, TOB- 10.25 PM, POB-Hyderabad) though we are discussing supports point of view, romantic rifts (divorce, separation etc.) including stress from the women cannot be rules out as 7th house is aspected by Saturn, 2nd house is aspected by Mars, 2nd Lord is hemmed by malefics and benefit, 12th Lord the Sun is under the grip of Saturn/Mars/R.K.
For predicting the winner of any team the horoscopes of the country concerned, of the country concerned, of the Captain and of the country/Town where the match is playing become more important. It may be recalled that Rains in Pakistan on one of the scheduled day of play did not allow the match to be played.
predication with regard to defeat of INDIA made on 24th February, 1996 Via Horary had come true on 2nd March, 1996 when India was defeated by Sri-Lanka. With regard to planetary transit of India’s Horoscope (Taurus Lagna), the 5th house of sports occupied by Rahu in Virgo also speak of the victory to a foreign country. Weak Saturn with Ketu aspected the Lagna. Mars also aspected the Lagna Venus the Lagna Lord had no strength as it has just entered Aries (12th house on 01.03.1996). Ruing Nakshtra Pushaya and the week day Saturday also contributed to the defeat of India on 02.03.1996. without dwelling on the defeat of India, following observations are made:


1). It is not only the country’s horoscope and that of the Captain that decides the winning of the match but also of all the Members of the team as members have equally an important role-to play.

2). the predictive notes should be made on the basis of possible planetary and horoscopes of the countries concerned. Be that as it may, horary chart and transit of planets at the place where match is being played to determine the fate of the Term concerned.

3). The horary prediction on 24th February, 1996 was made w2ith the help of COURT CHART i.e. with reference to Nakshtra. The natal Nakshtra and the transit Nakshtra of the day do determine the fate of the match.

4). Bad planetary position had given rise to various internal rifts including the order from the Government on the eve of Delhi Match that Kokla ground is unsafe and also bad-planetary position for the Match day. India lost to Sri-Lanka on 02.03.1996.


The conception of the wills Cups for 1996 tool plan on 12th May, 1995 when the World Cup Cricket Organizing Committee formalized its agreement. Venus had entered Aries, Mars had no strength (entered Leo on 11.05.1995), the Sun had also weakened and so was the case with Saturn. Mercury was to conjunct with Retrograde Jupiter shortly. This also confirms that India and Pakistan, with weak Lagans in transit had no chance to win-rather the bad planetary position gave rise to ‘Ominous start to Cup of Woes’ on 12th Feb. 1996 at Calcutta.
Few words about the planetary position on past matches. On 19.02.1995, Pakistan beat Zimbabwe (won series by 2-1) because of better strength of Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus though Mars (R) (Lagna Lord) was weak. On 22.11.1995 India defeated West India (Bombay) under captainship of Moh. Azhruddin because of very strong seventh house (5 planets). On 03.05.1995, Australia indicated a crushing defeat on West Indies because of Sagittarius and its Lord Jupiter/Retrograde) aspecting the Moon and Mercurry and also aspecting the Sun in exaltation sing. The ‘draw’ match on 28.08.1995 between England and West Indies is also proves astrologically. For England (Aries Lagna), the 6th house with Moon, Mars and Numerically become powerful and for West Indies the Lagna becomes powerful (ruling sign Virgo). Again 29.10.1995, there was ‘draw’ between India and Newzealand because powerful planetary position of India (Sun Venus in 6th house) and Mars and Jupiter in 7th house.
From the above it is clear that apart from the country’s horoscope, horoscope of the Captain, planets in transit have and important say for the winner or loser. Similarly, other circumstances including of weather cannot be ignored.

Dr. Shanker Adawal, Jyotishacharya in Astrology is a professional and Astrology is his passion and an urge. His predictive technique is based on Bhrigu Technique whose principles and doctrines have been deciphered from research of above two decades . He is a professional in the field of telecommunications. He is presently working for one of the Fortune 500 Indian companies at a senior position. Did his MBA and PhD. and worked with Multinationals in India and abroad, before joining his presnt assignment. He has travelled extensively both in India and abroad. He also has keen interest in Human Rights.He got interested in astrology when he was young, did his Jyotishacharya. His desire and aspiration to share the findings of his research and the new dimensions which can be given to the science of astrology.

astrology information?

Question by only1me(tattoo): astrology information?
Anyone deep into astrology like I am will know what I’m talking about. Listening,analyzing people plus getting there birth info really helps a lot when I want to know more about a person. Being a male I’m always wanting 2 know about any female I meet or met. Date,place and time of birth gives a lot more detailed about a persons personality. Also how they where raised. Put those 2 together and its easier 2 know them alil more than just by what they tell u and how attractive we may see them as. Been doing this for couple of yrs and experienced myself as well how I am. I’m no vet at it but gotten better. So for those that wanna know everyone close or around them use astrology “free birth charts”

Best answer:

Answer by batwoman
yes this is true.where’s the question here?

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Chinese Astrology Question…?

Question by Piscium: Chinese Astrology Question…?
I was looking through my “The New Astrology” by Suzanne White book and it’s kind of hard to read about some people because they are on cusps. So usually I just read both signs and kind of combine the two, which really isn’t accurate at all, I should find an astrology book about cusps.
*If you know of one or have one could you please let me know, Thanks!

My question is, does chinese astrology have cusps as well?
My boyfriend was born Dec. 20th, makes him a sagittarius/capricorn cusp but because he was born so close the new year does it mean he’s a snake/horse?? Does that even like exist?

Just curious! =]

Best answer:

Answer by guy adults see as bad influence
No it does not… I find Chinese astrology to be very accurate btw. Especially if you get a combined reading of your western and chinsese signs.

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Q&A: Has Chinese mixed with Western type astrology been useful to you?

Question by octa: Has Chinese mixed with Western type astrology been useful to you?
I’ve tried tropical Western, Vedic, and other types of astrology. They left me feeling skeptical about astrology, and then I read a book that combines Chinese with Western. Some of you who remember my questions on here know that I’m very critical of things I find that don’t work. I found a book by Suzanne White called “The New Astrology”. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has explained me and people I know like this method does.

After all the complex chart analysis, and finding most of it didn’t fit me, here is an elegant explanation that has been 100% for myself and every person I know!

Have you tried this method, and has it been life changing for you?
I have been a skeptic of astrology. I used to say the type of things you both are saying.

I’m very excited because this Chinese-Western blend is accurate for myself and everyone I know. I’ve been where you are, but I think the difference is I’m the type of skeptic that will read astrology books before making my decision. I’m not saying I “need” this type or any type of astrology. I’m just so excited that it is spot on. It’s an elegant method without all the “fudge factors” in other types of astrology.

Best answer:

Answer by pikachuflatulates
The position of the moon, stars, and planets have nothing to do with your life. Nor does the month you were born. The only changes that happen are in your mind, from your thoughts. It is baffling how some people will reject the Bible, yet believe this stuff.

The astrology is all different, because it is all made up. For it to be real, there would need to be some supernatural power to control all this, and that supernatural power has to be capable of thinking of this stuff. When you say this, it is starting to sound a lot like the Bible………

I can understand why you find that it doesn’t fit you. It is random and has no meaning.

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Indian Astrology Horoscope

Indian Astrology Horoscope Services

Nails are the mirror of our personality, Looking into which the Indian Astrology Horoscope expert reader can unnoticeably observe all characteristics of a person through one’s nails. In this Indian Astrology Horoscope article, a systematic method has been projected to peep through the nails of a person and read about him with veracity.

Indian Astrology Horoscope palmists and chiromancers, after through study of nails have described that by studying through the nails of a person, a lot much could be Indian Astrology Horoscope predicted about one’s health, nature and character and about the coming events in the person’s life.

It is mentioned in Garun Puran(Indian Astrology Horoscope Books)  that a person whose nails are like frost, is a born impotent. Person with zig-zag nails is a pauper.

Garbh Samhita(Indian Astrology Horoscope Books) reveals that a newly born child if without nails for a year, or shell shaped, small, worn out nails are indicative of extreme poverty. On the contrary, Indian Astrology Horoscope subjects with clear, smooth, pinkish nails are fortunate. Many such descriptions are found in Shastras. The nails in the hand of a person reflect his fate or in other words, the nails are the windows to peep into a person’s life and through these windows is perceived about the culture, thoughts and work style of the subject.

Also Indian Astrology Horoscope scientifically, nails are very important in the life of a human being, because at the top ends of fingers are provided plenty of nerves which are very sensitive.

Indian Astrology Horoscope are describe Nails are of the following types :-
1.   Short Nail.
2.   Extremely Short Nail.
3.   Large Nail.
4.   Short and Flat Nails.
5.   Short and Thick Nail.
6.   Broad and Square Nail.
7.   More in Width and Short in Length Nail.
8.   Long and Thin Nail.
9.   Long and Slightly Bent Nail.
10. Narrow Nail.
11. Swollen and Projected Nail.
12. Round Nail
13. Small and Triangular Nail.
14. Yellow Nail.
15. Blue Nail.

Indian Astrology Horoscope of nails described above have the following effects :

Short Nail
1. Short Nail :-

According the Indian Astrology Horoscope short nails whether square or small lack patience. They are exciting, obstinate and narrow minded. They are weak structured, having mean characteristics, etc.
Such subjects suffer largely from nerve diseases and heart disorders.


2. Extremely Short Nails :-

According the Indian Astrology Horoscope short both in length and width. Such nails often are visible with knotty fingers and look like a dot at fingers end. According the Indian Astrology Horoscope mostly stupid and easily excited, but if this type of nail appear in female’s hand, she would be a disciplined, strict and with masculine characteristics and likes to rule over her spouse.

3. Large Nail :-

These nails are equal in length and width. According the Indian Astrology Horoscope Subjects having such nails are serious by nature and perfectly plan their work and thus achieve success in any field.

4. Short and Flat Nail :-

According the Indian Astrology Horoscope Persons having such nails are scary by nature. Usually they suffer from heart ailments and usually their death are also caused by heart ailments.

5. Short and Heavy Nail :-

According the Indian Astrology Horoscope these subjects always hide their mistakes and throw blames on others. They are critic by nature.

6. Broad and Square Nail :-

According the Indian Astrology Horoscope subjects with this type having pink colour and round shape at the side are pure hearted and guileless. They speak what they have in heart. If They miss pinkish colour of the nails, they are not completely guileless.

7. More in Width and Short in Length Nail :-

According the Indian Astrology Horoscope these are analytical persons. They are highly successful in literature, music and lectures.
According the Indian Astrology Horoscope they enjoy arguing with others. These subjects with less length and more wide nails thin skin, though maintain good health, are under excessive mental tension due to their habit of arguing with others.

8. Long and Thin Nail :-

According the Indian Astrology Horoscope subjects are of insatiable mind and weak in physical strength. They even doubt upon themselves.

9. Long and Slightly Bent Nail :-

According the Indian Astrology Horoscope the married life of such persons is not happy and smooth. They are Extremely concupiscent and unstable in their thinking. They are excessively interested in opposite sex.

10. Narrow Nail :-

According the Indian Astrology Horoscope they are weak and suffer from poor digestive system. If this type have brittle nails, they suffer from nervous and liver disorders. According the Indian Astrology Horoscope Narrow nail’s subjects are parasitical by nature.

11. Swollen and Projected Nail :-

According the Indian Astrology Horoscope the fingers covered under this type become thick and hard under the nails and can turn easily.
According the Indian Astrology Horoscope they are drug addicts and have suicidal tendency. They mostly suffer from tuberculosis or other lungs related diseases.

12. Round Nail :-

This is a good type. These subjects are kind, frank, well mannered, diligent and prudent people with enough self-reliance.

13. Small Triangular Nail :-

According the Indian Astrology Horoscope these are subjects who love seclusion and are scholarly and academic. But few besides these qualities are lazy and careless also. If apprised of their potential, they can prove to be very useful persons.

14. Pale/Yellow Nail :-

According the Indian Astrology Horoscope this type are cheats to the core, liars, and even gamblers. They are always dogged by poverty.

15. Blue Nail :-

According the Indian Astrology Horoscope if the nails are blue at the root, the subject is weak hearted and suffer from bronchial diseases.

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