Elaine Aron is an American clinical research psychologist and highly published author. She has studied, in depth, Highly Sensitive Persons, or HSP, for over 30 years. Psychologist all over the world have used her books as a base for understanding and treating their own patients.

    I have recently discovered…into my 60’s…that I am a HSP. My journey into understanding about this inherited aspect of my personality has really just begun. Where I always thought I had so many blank spaces in my personality has been replaced with knowledge that it is really quite rich…just misunderstood by myself…and those around me.


    My Path Of Light

    Written By Jasmine My Path of Light began when I chose to leave the Lutheran church after I had taken the required classes to be Confirmed around 12 years old. For the most part, the only reason I participated was because my childhood best friend…


    Welcome to The Majickal Garden. It is a mystical cyber garden where we hope to inspire the sense of internal spiritual mystery, awe and fascination for anyone traveling the path, who is interested in enhancing their spiritual & personal growth. How we all choose to…

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