What are the definitions of “atheist”, “spiritual” and “Pagan”?

Question by .: What are the definitions of “atheist”, “spiritual” and “Pagan”?
I am constantly informed that it is not possible to be spiritual or Pagan if you are an atheist.

It’s the oddest thing, but I can not for the life of me find a dictionary that defines atheist as “Someone who is not spiritual” or “Someone who is not a Pagan”.

However the numerous people here who inform me in questions, answers or private emails that an atheist can neither be spiritual nor Pagan seem to have read such a dictionary.

I would be grateful if someone could direct me to that dictionary so that I may read the definitions myself.

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Answer by Ax.
Augh, can we just leave out the pagan definition? It has way too many variable sects and interpretations, it’s ridiculous.

Atheism is simple, bare-bones court-of-law logic. Lack of evidence = no dice.

Fail to prove a soul, god, deity, or anything of the super natural and expect a big fat NO.

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Atheist don’t you realize that you make yourself look foolish when you use the old “paganism” excuse?

Question by st_louis_cardsfan: Atheist don’t you realize that you make yourself look foolish when you use the old “paganism” excuse?
Like the question asked earlier about atheist celebrating religious holidays. It seems atheist are only athesit when it comes to Christian, Jewish and Islamic beliefs. Don’t forget Greek mythology is a god centered (theistic) style of belief. You had many different forms of Paganism in world history, Sumarian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Greek, and Roman styles of Paganism. IT IS ALL RELIGION. So if you are going to be Athiest you need to be against ALL RELIGIONS and ALL FORMS OF gods…Am I not correct? OR MAYBE it is just saying you are Atheist is only a way of saying you are against Christians, Jews, and Muslims. So which one is it?

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Answer by Hmmm……
build a bridge and get over it

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Q&A: What is the true difference between “Pagan” , “Atheist” and “Agnostic”?

Question by Loving Him 777: What is the true difference between “Pagan” , “Atheist” and “Agnostic”?
And…would you say you are more innately this or is it due to circumstance, environment or experiences in your life? Truly would like to know to understand more about it.

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Answer by The Reverend Soleil
The atheist says, “I don’t believe any gods exist.”

The agnostic says, “I’m not sure whether any gods exists, and it may not be possible to find out for sure within this lifetime.”

The pagan says, “I have my own gods, and don’t need to bow before your god Jehovah or his earthly avatar Jesus.”

I’d say that in the vast majority of cases people are the religion they are, because that’s the religion their family or peer group belonged to.

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Okay, so what is “spiritual” to an atheist?

Question by DesiDani: Okay, so what is “spiritual” to an atheist?
What is a “spirit” to an atheist? Tell me what it is as it relates to you. Tell me what it means for you without mentioning religion, God, or anything else that a theist will use.

Simple question what is “spiritualism” and “spirit” to the atheist?

Okay some atheist balk at the word spirit. Yet when I asked this question

atheist also have a problem with that question. I notice some contradictions.

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Answer by BIrdy (R.I.P)

Spiritualism is Bull….


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