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  • How was asthma treated before inhalers were invented?

    Question by Bryan: How was asthma treated before inhalers were invented?
    How was asthma treated before inhalers were invented?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Boomn4x4
    Up until about the 1930’s and 40’s asthma was considered a psychological condition. It was beleived it was caused by stress and depression, the asthma attack was thought to be the same as a panic attack.

    Terment usually involved what were called “talking cures”. A person suffering from asthma would be expected to lie down, relax, and slowly talk themselves through the attack, basically relaxtion techniques. Those with enough money would seek psychiatric treatment from a psychologist to help.

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  • does the herb “eyebright” cure cateracts before they start?


    Question by crystal: does the herb “eyebright” cure cateracts before they start?

    Best answer:

    Answer by David
    if that were so, lens implants wouldn,t be necessary. try it for a while. the lens replacement is so simple and painless, i,d go that route. had both of mine replaced.

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  • AJNA Owner Suggests 5 Things To Consider Before Visiting an Energy Practitioner

    Staten Island, NY (PRWEB) June 29, 2011

    Visiting a Reiki Master and energy practitioner can be a life-changing experience ? for the better.

    “One of my greatest pleasures is hearing clients describe how their enjoyment of life has enhanced since their first holistic session,” said Reiki Master Valerie R. Gullo, owner of AJNA holistic center and online emporium in Staten Island, N.Y. ?People who have little or no experience with holistic products and services, such as Reiki, Feng Shui and crystals often need guidance in the selection of a practitioner.

    “Does the practitioner they are considering truly appreciate and respect the holistic arts? Is the practitioner really concerned about the well-being of others? Is the practitioner a qualified expert??

    Before choosing a holistic practitioner, Mrs. Gullo advises consumers to consider these tips:

    1) Practitioners should be able to clearly explain how the various holistic products and services they provide can influence the way you feel. If they can?t, go elsewhere.

    2) Practitioners should be willing to provide their services as a complement to traditional Western care. If they are unwilling to discuss this with you, move on.

    3) Be wary if someone attempts to pull you away from a physician?s care by saying they can ?cure? a life-threatening condition with spiritual remedies.

    4) Check to see if the practitioner is experienced. For example, it can take years of work and apprenticeship before being designated as a Reiki Master.

    5) Make sure you and the practitioner are on the same page when it comes to your overall health. Just as there is no substitute for a quality holistic experience, there is no substitute for quality medical care. If an energy practitioner tells you he or she diagnoses, treats, cures, or prevents diseases ? run!

    About Valerie R. Gullo of AJNA

    Valerie R. Gullo is a noted energy practitioner and Reiki master. AJNA, Mrs. Gullo?s Staten Island, N.Y.-based holistic center and online emporium, offers wellness treatments for body and mind; Feng Shui-guided designs and adjustments for home and workplace; Reiki treatments, personalized chromotherapy (color therapy) sessions, somaenergetic therapy, and other energy-harnessing therapies.

    The New York and online showrooms offer exclusive handmade therapeutic crystal jewelry, and wellness-enhancing products for bath, body and home. AJNA is headquarted at 1854 Hylan Blvd., Staten Island, NY, 10305.

    The company may be reached at 718-980-7272; e-mailed at Valerie(at)YourAJNA(dot)com, and visited online at


    Media Contact: Barton Horowitz

    Relevant Public Relations, LLC

    Headquarters: 718 682 1509

    Mobile: 917 715 8761

    Email: Bhorowitz(at)RelevantPR(dot)com


    # # #

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  • So what happens when your “soul mate” dies before you meet them or even if you die before meeting them?

    Question by nickel: So what happens when your “soul mate” dies before you meet them or even if you die before meeting them?
    So I believe that when you are born, God has already designated a soul mate for you. So what happens when your designated “soul mate” dies before you meet them or even if you die before meeting them? Does God not designate a soulmate for those that will die before marriage?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Bek’s
    I think if their truly ur soul mate (cause I believe the way u do to) they won’t die b4 u get married and u won’t die either. Also, I don’t think God would designate a soul mate if ur going to die b4 u have a chance to get married. Unless God meant 4 u 2 b single. But I’m assuming u want to get married, and with that in mind ur soul mate is out their somewhere! 🙂 Just pray and ask God to bring him into ur life, and it’ll happen when the time is right. 🙂

    Just my opinion, hope that helps! 🙂

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  • What was Wicca before it was “Wicca”?

    Question by ~*Emma*~: What was Wicca before it was “Wicca”?
    I know it’s a centuries old practice that stems from various groups and religions that all practiced their own forms of magic. Wicca was just popularized in the 60’s and named thus for the modern world. I want to know about it BEFORE it became a religion for wannabe witches and confused teens everywhere.

    What is it really? What does it involve? What practices are involved? I’d love to hear from you witches who came pre-wicca 🙂
    Correction: WICCA is not centuries old, but stemmed from centuries old practices. That’s what i meant XD

    Best answer:

    Answer by gutbucket
    Probably some kind of pagan nature worship.

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  • How did astrology work before Pluto was discovered?

    Question by Tomsaka S: How did astrology work before Pluto was discovered?
    Pluto is a my ruling planet and I got wondering how astrology “worked” before it was discovered (b/c Pluti was discovered recently)

    Mind you I know veryyyy little about astrology…I have no idea if my question is legit 😎

    Best answer:

    Answer by katy
    well your ruling planet is about to be ruled out as a planet so which one will it be then?

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