Tantra Yoga – Being an Instrument of Life – Sadhguru

www.ishafoundation.org www.innerengineering.com Tantra – what used to be a whole spiritual path, has been abused and misunderstood to be mere unbridled promiscuity, especially in the West. In this talk, “Tantra – Being an Instrument of Life”, Sadhguru redefines tantra, restoring it to its original scope and dimension as an ancient technology for ultimate transformation.
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What is the difference between being religious and being spiritual?

Question by Tamara♥: What is the difference between being religious and being spiritual?
I’ve heard a few people describe themselves as being spiritual, but not religious. I always thought they were one in the same. So, what are the differences?

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Answer by Rashard
Well, one is basically a cult (religion), and the other is basicaly thinking for yourself & believing what u want (being spiritual) 🙂

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Back to Being: Living a Simpler Life

Santa Barbara, Calif. (PRWEB) August 25, 2011

According to the American Psychological Association, one-third of Americans would say they are living with extreme stress. Family, careers, and finances are keeping society crazy busy. Riess Elke gives professional healing advice to those feeling overwhelmed in Being Free: Thirty-Eight Pictures and Exercises to Wake You Up and Set You Free (Published by Author House).

The mind doesnt exist in your true being; it is one of human beings illusions. Its only purpose is to keep you entertained, disconnected from the oneness, and so busy that you have no time to experience your true self, says Elke. Being free means that you are present, awakened, enlightened, in the now.

Being Free is a workbook that teaches the user to completely eliminate the over-thinking, over-stimulated human habits, and become in tune with the relaxed true being. Through exercises and soothing images painted by Elke herself, Being Free aids in getting back to the basics of life.

Riess Elke is a professional spiritual healer, specializing in multiple methods including: