Milwaukee Business Journal Features Earth Wind & Flowers for Unique Aromatherapy Balancing Sprays

Lake Geneva, WI (PRWEB) January 16, 2009

The Milwaukee Business Journal recently featured Earth Wind & Flowers of Wisconsin for their unique Midwest flower essences and aromatherapy balancing sprays.

The article covers the flower essence spray, Open Doors/Selling Your Home/Prosperity, which supports to strengthen the attractor field and attract buyer to seller, bring supportive people into your life, increase customers and create win-win situations, ultimately producing an increase in prosperity on many levels.

This coverage helps to spread the word about the many benefits of flower essences for daily support. Flower essences and aromatherapy are natural ways stay in balance when faced with stress and challenges, and are safe to use for adults and children.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Milwaukee Business Journal for our products,” comments Deborah Werner, Founder of Earth Wind & Flowers. “We strive to provide the most natural flower essences to promote our client’s health and overall well-being.” To view full article go to

For more information, visit or call 262.245.9853.,

Earth Wind & Flowers of Wisconsin LLC:

Deborah Werner, Creator/ Founder of Earth Wind and Flowers, is devoted to the education of vibrational remedies for the public at large and appears on revitalize TV on CBS Saturday mornings at 10:30 am. Deborah’s flower essences are made locally in Wisconsin. The unique sprays promote energy balance, prosperity, emotional balance and stress relief. Some call the sprays a miracle because of their calming effects. The products are sold in local and nationwide stores and spas.


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Dr. Todd Albertson Launches Asian Book Tour to Promote His New Book ‘The Gods of Business’

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) November 20, 2007

Dr. Todd Albertson in conjunction with the release of his new book, The Gods of Business, will begin a book tour to Asia beginning December 12th.

In The Gods of Business, Dr. Albertson explores the intersection of faith and the marketplace. In plain easy-to-read language, he analyzes the world’s major religions — Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Secular Post-Modernism, Shintoism, and Sikhism — and how these religious traditions impact business ethics and practices.

The Gods of Business is an essential update on world religions, and provides telling insight into the silent subtleties and the loudly proclaimed dogmas that dramatically affect businesses, leaving many outsiders unaware, confused or wishing they could just turn back the clock and deal with their hometown ways of doing things.

Dr. Albertson will be in the following cities and all events are open to the public:

Dec 12 – Seoul, South Korea

Dec 14 – Singapore

Dec 15 – Taipei, Taiwan

Dec 17 – Tokyo, Japan

Dec 19 – Nagoya, Japan

Dec 21 – Okinawa, Japan

Dec 22 – Bangkok, Thailand

The Gods of Business is written by Dr. Todd Albertson, published by Trinity Alumni Press. Its ISBN # is 978-0-6151-3800-8. It will be published on February 2, 2007 and will be available through the standard book distribution channels.

Link To Publication:

About the Author

Dr. Todd Albertson is an expert on organizational behavior and issues involving the intersection of business practices, religious worldview, culture, and ethics. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in International Business in 1988. He earned an MBA from Seattle University in 1995. In 2005, he graduated from Trinity Theological Union with a PhD in Theology & Culture. He has worked in a number of positions and industries throughout his business career. Dr. Albertson was an operating system evangelist with Microsoft Corporation, and the founder and CEO of both a transportation & logistics company as well as a “dot com.” This is his first book.

About Trinity Alumni Press

Trinity Alumni Press ( is the alumni association of Trinity Theological Union Graduate School and publishes works by distinguished alumni/ae.


Pat Morgan, Director of Public Relations

Trinity Alumni Press

(213) 448-2391


The Secret Of Creativity In Business, Art, And Life

Years ago, at a Self-Improvement workshop by Jerry Stocking, participants were asked to listen to a children’s rhyme and repeat it. It was a rather long rhyme and everybody lost track of the sequence of events and stopped in embarrassment.

A tense and nervous atmosphere built up in the room as one person after another failed to recite the entire rhyme. People began to feel that they just had insufficient short term memory to recall and repeat the whole thing.

Then a NASA Aeronautical Engineer, with numerous pauses, got it!

His secret was that he paused. During those pauses, in the space between words, his subconscious mind prompted him with the next line of the verse.

“This,” said Jerry Stocking, “was the secret–because the space between things allowed intelligence and creativity to emerge.”

Both Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer are equally enthusiastic about this space between thoughts. They call it “the gap.”

Deepak Chopra says it is a contact point between our mind and the quantum field of all possibilities.


Wayne Dyer believes that for a moment, one actually touches the divine before springing back into our consensus reality, which is kept alive by a constant stream of limiting thoughts.

Echart Tolle has earned fame and fortune teaching others about this space. He is famous for his long silences, during which he is merely being aware, and devoid of thought. When he, by example, induces this state in his audience, they feel a sense of deep peace and “a fullness of being.”

Similarly, when I was studying art, learning how to draw people, horses, dogs, still life objects, barns, and open spaces, the space between my sketches were the most meaningful. With those spaces, my images came to life.

I love classical music, and it is for the same reason. The space between the notes is where the magic lies.

I have noticed a new surge of creativity in my online endeavors as well, when I respect these spaces.

When I am writing a sales letter, my thoughts become very intense, and after a while I suffer from information overload. When I take a break and come back, all the sentences flow perfectly, and I convey my message the way that I had hoped.

The same amazing thing happens after studying. If I spend a lot of time researching something, then give it a break, which may last for as long as a day, all the elements of the project become very clear to me.

The other day, I was listening to a David Valleries interview and I had to smile when he said that his most creative ideas came after he had quit pursuing them and did something utterly mundane instead.

There is a magic to the space between images, notes, streams of thought, and information gathering. Respect those spaces and confusion dissipates. Then the mind becomes very clear and action becomes efficient and precise.

Saleem Rana would love to share his inspiring ideas with you. Hunting everywhere for a life worth living? Discover the life of your dreams. His book Never Ever Give Up tells you how. It is offered at no cost as a way to help YOU succeed.

The Israeli Integral Salon and EnlightenNext Israel hosted Deepak Chopra and his wife Rita on 1/1/08 during thier visit to Israel. We spoke mainly about dealing with Evil and shifting the conciousness in the middle east to align with the evolutionary impulse and about doing from a refference point above ego.