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  • I’m interested in palmistry, I was wondering if anyone knew about pursuing it as a career?

    I’ve been interested in it as a hobby for a while but I you know what they say, if your good at something never do it for free. So I was wondering how to get started out? Do I have to go to school for it? How much would I get paid? Is it a good job that I will probably like? Any other information would be greatly appreciated as well, thank you :).

  • Palmistry shows career as a cop?

    Im palmistry, what shows in the hand that a persons career is in the police? Is it a line or a mount? And where is it suppose to be?

  • Vedic Astrology – Finding best career line – Part I

    – how to find one’s profession in the chart?

  • What is a good career that involves astrology, biology, and/or physics?

    I’m interested in finding a career in astrology, biology and/or physics. I’m not sure if there’s a field involve all 3 or at least 2 out of 3, but if there is, i would gladly like to know.

  • Make career in Homeopathy

    Homoeopathy (Homoios = similar; pathos = suffering/disease) is a branch of medical science based on the principle “Similia Similibus Curenter” means “like cures like”. Homeopathy is one of the most effective and popular holistic medicine. This healing system was discovered by Dr Samuel Hahnemann of Germany. Homeopathy means healing diseases by the application of the law of similars, i.e. ‘like cures like’. This means that the ‘symptom picture’ – a recognizable and characteristic set of symptoms – of the healing agent (the medicine) has to match the disease ‘symptom picture’ of the patient.

    Nature of Work

    Homeopathy is a holistic method of cure that takes into account not just the physical, but also the mental and emotional symptoms. It is a safe, effective and gentle approach to health and provides an alternative to drugs and surgery. Homeopaths treat people based on genetic and personal health history, body type, and current physical, emotional, and mental symptoms. Homeopathy has proved its effectiveness in acute and chronic diseases, from common cold to early stages of cancer, in clinics around the world. It works well both as complimentary treatments to conventional medicine and as frontline (primary) treatment.

    Two types of Homeopathy Courses are available:-
    1.) Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery (DHMS) of 4-year duration, including 1-year of Internship.
    2.) Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery (BHMS) of 4-Year + 1 year Internship. The Central Council of Homoeopathy, a statutory body under Government of India, is the apex body taking care of education, training and other matters related with Homoeopathy.

    All the courses must be recognized by Homoeopathy Central Council Act 1973. At present there are around 200 institutions in the country offering degree and diploma courses in Homoeopathy.

    Benefits of homeopathic treatment

    1.) Homoeopathy works on Nature’s Laws of Health. It stimulates the natural immunity and internal strength. It also creates harmony of body and mind with nature.
    2.) Homoeopathy treatment is Effective & works fast. Its usefulness is proved in medical, surgical, psychological and psychosomatic disorders. In acute conditions, it gives relief within minutes of administration of medicine.
    3.) Homoeopathic treatment is non toxic with no side effects. It is non addictive and non habit forming. It is suitable even for infants, elderly and pregnant ladies.
    4.) Homoeopathic treatment is proactive & preventive. It promotes immunity & prevents sickness from developing.
    5.) Homoeopathic treatment rejuvenates the entire system and makes one more relaxed and energetic. It improves and stabilizes the physiological functions of the body like sleep, digestion endocrine secretion etc.
    6.) Homoeopathic treatment can be used as frontline treatment as well as complimentary to the conventional medicine.
    7.) Homeopathy treats the sickness, heals the body and the mind & emotions to give complete and lasting state of health and happiness. It has unmatched ability to treat psychosomatic disorders like stress induced hypertension.
    8.) Homeopathic treatment is non-suppressive. By treating symptoms rather than the whole person, conventional medicine often suppresses illness deeper into the organism.
    9.) Homeopathy focuses on healing from within and using the self-healing capacity of the body. Conventional medicine focuses on healing from without.
    10.) Homeopathy is a much safer and gentler form of healing than conventional medicine. Conventional medicine is far more intrusive.

    Levels of Homeopathy

    Homeopathy is treated at three levels.

    1. First Aid Treatment
    In First Aid, it treats cuts, bruises, sprains, burns, food poisoning etc. It is useful in every sense from minor injuries & ailments to bigger health problems. Homeopathic first aid is easy and safe; one should understand basic homeopathic working before using them.

    2. Treatment for Acute Diseases
    At level two, a homeopathic medicine treats acute conditions like common cold and cough, acute fever, acute diarrhea etc. It improves immunity to reduce frequent occurrence of such acute diseases.

    3. Constitutional Treatment for Chronic Diseases
    At level three, Constitutional treatment treats disease as well as improves the health status (both physical and psychological) by stimulating this natural healing mechanism. Treatment of chronic conditions depends on stage and state of disease. Homeopathy cures the curable conditions. In conditions which are beyond the scope of cure because of much pathological damage, it relieves the suffering and slows down the progress of disease. In such conditions, homeopathy is a good long term management therapy without side effects.

    Anir ban writes on behalf of is a portal that connects education seeker with education provider.Shiksha provides information about Homeopathy Courses and Homeopathy colleges.

  • Dream Your Career Summer Camp

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