Psychic Healing – Causes of Illness?

Question by Nikki F: Psychic Healing – Causes of Illness?
I am interested in hearing about the concept of “psychic healing”. I have heard that many illnesses can be caused by negative energies, or a person’s own personal expieriences or attitudes within their daily lifestyle. In other words, illnesses are sometimes more of a “psychic” issue, than a “physical” issue. If anyone can give me any information about psychic healing, then I am interested in hearing it. But the main thing I am looking for is information about how certain parts of the body can relate to a specific spiritual imbalance within a person’s life.
Sorry, but I do mean “psychic”, as in clairvoyant.

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Answer by ~english girl~
I think the word you are after is psychosomatic…..

Attitudes and negative experiences creating physical issues can be seen as a psychological issue not a ‘psychic’ issue…

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