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  • The Home Coming by Sue Aston Celtic Music with Classical Twist from Cornwall

    Composed by violinist Sue Aston from Cornwall. The music is from the CD ‘Inspirational Journey’ . Available from Amazon, CD Baby, Itunes and direct from the artist Sue Aston. This video is taken from Sue Aston’s DVD ‘Reflections of Cornwall’ There is another verson with better sound quality on my channel Filmed by Meteor Entertainment Penzance Cornwall
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    Celtic Bagpipe Music - The Piper's Welcome

    A single Bagpipe piece named “The Piper’s Welcome”. Accompanied by more beautiful photos of Scotland’s many castles Please Enjoy! ***ALL MUSIC USED IS PROPERTY OF THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS, I DO NOT INTEND TO PROFIT AND INFRINGE, I ONLY MADE IT FOR FAN PURPOSES***
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  • Feng Shui For Everyday Living – The Science and Art of Classical Feng Shui and How to Use it to Improve Your Life

    Feng Shui For Everyday Living

    Classical Feng Shui is an ancient art and science that can be used to your advantage to improve virtually every area of your life with at times rapids results. Thousands of years of observation by Geomancy masters has shown that practicing Classical Feng Shui methods to remedy situations can have a quick and sometimes dramatic effect on your personal health, wealth and relationships. By paying attention to a few things about yourself, the building you are living in, your environment and making ‘adjustments’ where needed you can have a much more fulfilling life.

    The science aspect of Classical Feng Shui is understanding several areas of study: 1) Yin Yang Theory; 2) Five element Theory; 3) Eight Trigram Theory; 4) East West Theory; 5) Compass Theory; 6) The Solar System; and 7) Environment. The art aspect comes with the knowledge of these 7 areas of study and when to do what and how. Classical Feng Shui is a rather complex set of guidelines to see our way through to a better life.

    There really are only two types of Classical Feng Shui readings – Yang House and Yin House. A Yang House reading is for the living breathing person, the buildings they occupy and their environment surrounding the buildings. The Yin House reading is for the dead and their gravesite, which has the ability to effect 3 generations of the deceased’s family. This makes the Yin House reading even more powerful than the one for the living.

    So what are some key factors to Classical Feng Shui that describes it in as few words as possible? Feng Shui For Everyday Living

    Time; People; Building; Environment = Feng Shui

    Classical Feng Shui is culmination of the person, when and where they were born and how the age of a building and its environment directly affects the person. By understanding the time aspect of the person and the building a Classical Feng Shui consultant can get an enormous amount of detailed information that can be manipulated by placing ‘remedies’ inside, and outside, the building to effect a change. You could say that a Feng Shui remedy is all about manipulating Air.

    The manipulation occurs, i.e., when you add a live plant to your living room or you add a metal statue to your bedroom, you have just made a change to the “Chi” in those areas. These two remedies, wood and metal, are affecting the Chi of those two rooms. This is utilizing the Yin/Yang and Five Element Theories of Classical Feng Shui. The Five Element Theory has 3 key aspects: 1) Destructive or Dominate cycle, which usually is the problem; 2) Productive or Creative cycle, which is the ultimate goal to obtain; and 3) Reductive cycle, which is most often the solution to the problem.

    The understanding of the problem comes about when the reading is done on the building to determine what the remedies need to be, in a tic-tac-toe grid of the structure, during the present solar calendar year cycle. Classical Feng Shui is a coming together of time, place and direction. When all the facts are known and the remedies put into place some miraculous things begin to take place. Ones life begins to work better as if by magic.

    The ‘magic’ really is a collective harmonizing of the ‘chi’ energies within a persons home and environment that becomes more balanced and supportive towards the occupants. There is much more that could be said about Classical Feng Shui and its benefits in this one article. It is without a doubt mysterious on the surface. But when you start to study it and learn how to apply it to your everyday living that’s when the magic happens. Feng Shui For Everyday Living

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  • Ambient Classical Music?

    I am looking for classical ambient music. Any song or specific artist or album will do. I already have the Gymnopeides and Gnossiennes by Eric Satie, Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber, and the Butterfly Waltz, so don’t waste your time answering with those. (I thought those would be the most common for an answer.)

  • Right-brained individuals prefer rock, new age, and ambient music; left-brains prefer classical.?

    Is this correct? Why? Oh, and if anyone would be kind enough, would you please list down all of the music genres with its type of brain. Thanks.

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