Mind-body connection at heart of alternative medicine

Mind-body connection at heart of alternative medicine
In recent years, alternative medicine has gained popularity as more seniors and others have become aware of the mind, body, emotional and spiritual connection. Alternative medicine approaches healing by treating the whole body as opposed to addressing …
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Doctors offer new alternative treatment options for neuropathy sufferers
He turned to an alternative treatment. After a series of tests, rehab exercises and massage therapy, a nurse practitioner at “Advanced Health and Physical Medicine” uses an ultrasound to figure out where your damaged nerves are. Then they inject a …
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Alternative treatments for asthma
Recent research suggests that more and more sufferers from asthma are turning to complementary and alternative treatments in an effort to address the underlying causes of the problem and not just treat the symptoms. Complementary approaches to asthma …
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Buddhism – “spiritual connection”?

Question by xxxx: Buddhism – “spiritual connection”?
Someone I know has spent the past month-6 weeks in a Buddhist monastery in India. She is now claiming that she has a “spiritual connection” with the Lama there and is thinking of becoming a nun. What does a “spiritual connection” signify in Buddhism?

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Answer by Peas Yo ~ Whirled Peas
Ask her to understand her definition of spiritual connection.

I practice a different school of Buddhist thought and to me a spiritual connection would signify something that is universal rather than specific to Buddhism. I have felt spiritually connected to many people from various systems of thought, not just Buddhism. She may be refering to a feeling of mentor/disciple but please don’t count on that ~ again ask her what she refers to with this term because you are trying to understand her, not me. 🙂

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Do you think that your spirituality has anything to do with your connection to your zodiac sign?

I know astrology and stuff doesn’t apply to a lot of people, but there are a lot of people that some of it applies to. My family are all quite spiritual, and the ones that are very spiritual have a lot in common with their zodiac sign, whereas the people i know who don’t really think about it, aren’t as close to their sign and the spiritual people are. Do you think there’s a connection between your spirituality and your ability to relate to your zodiac sign?

Is there a connection between astrology and tarot?

I’ve noticed what appears to be some connection in the meaning of certain cards with the planets. I know no one will know who was the first person to use astrology or tarot, but I’m asking if anyone knows if there’s meant to be a connection? While I’m asking, so some astrologers use tarot sort of like a horary chart? That seems kind of like the same thing.